10 Best Book Adaptations On TV Streaming Now

Big-screen adaptations of beloved novels have been a Hollywood staple for decades. These adaptations help bring the story to life in a whole new way, hopefully capturing the atmosphere and quality of its source material.

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TV adaptations of books get a lot more time than movies. This extra space allows more of the source material to be included in the adaptation. In some cases, the medium allows for significant expansion beyond the book, adding additional character development or continuing the storyline after the book ends. While not all adaptations deserve the same praise as their literary counterpart, many have proven the benefits of small-screen adaptations.

ten Normal people are a poignant representation of love

Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal star in Hulu’s miniseries adaptation of Sally Rooney’s 2018 novel normal people. The series follows the complicated relationship between Marianne and Connell through adolescence and adulthood, skillfully portraying the difficulties of love.

The twelve-episode limited series, released in 2020, was co-written by Rooney, allowing the adaptation to capture much of what made the beloved book so special to readers. normal people was also critically acclaimed, earning three Primetime Emmy Award nominations for writing, directing, and lead actor Mescal.

9 Big Little Lies expands on its source material

With a star set, big little lies proves the value of television as an adaptation medium with its adaptation of the novel of the same name by Liane Moriarity. The series centers on five mothers who become embroiled in a twisted murder investigation in which neither the victim nor the killer is revealed to viewers at first.

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In its second season, the series goes beyond the confines of the source material to delve deeper into the lives of the characters and explore the aftermath of events in the book in a way that continues the spirit of the original story.

8 The Sandman is a haunting fantasy tale

Neil Gaiman’s long-awaited adaptation The sand man The comic book series finally arrived on Netflix in August. The series, developed and produced by Gaiman, faithfully represents his vision for the series and perfectly captures the haunting atmosphere of the story.

The series is directed by Tom Sturridge, who plays Morpheus. Sturridge is joined by an impressive ensemble, including Boyd Holbrook, Gwendoline Christie, Jenna Coleman and David Thewlis. Gaiman has expressed significant interest in pursuing a second season of The sand manbut Netflix has yet to confirm a renewal.

seven Little Fires Everywhere is a gripping suburban drama

Celeste Ng’s novel Small fires everywhere received the miniseries treatment with Hulu’s 2020 adaptation starring Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington. The drama series addresses the stark divide created by classism and the nuances and emotion of motherhood.

The series balances unexpected twists with carefully executed character arcs that contribute to a larger commentary on suburban life and the constructed illusion of the perfect American family. The television format allowed the series to alter and expand the source material in ways that greatly improved the story and added new layers to the show’s commentary.

6 Sharp Objects is the perfect thriller miniseries

After the resounding success of the film adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s novel missing girlHollywood was quick to adapt many of his other works. Based on Flynn’s first novel, Sharp objects was adapted into an HBO miniseries directed by Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson.

In the series, Adams’ character Camille, a journalist, returns to her hometown after two recent murders of young girls. The riveting miniseries received critical acclaim after its release. The game received particular praise, with Clarkson winning a Golden Globe for her role in the series.

5 In Search of Alaska honors the pain of adolescence

The Hulu miniseries adaptation of John Green’s debut novel, looking for alaska, is a harrowing coming-of-age tale depicting the hardest parts of growing up. Although its popularity is eclipsed by Green’s later works, the novel remains one of his best.

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The adaptation is deeply faithful to Green’s book and includes many of the book’s most memorable quotes that have stuck with readers for years. The adaptation doesn’t shy away from the dark side of the novel as it poignantly depicts the devastating pain of Alaska’s mental health issues.

4 Shadow And Bone meets high expectations

At Leigh Bardugo’s shadow and bone The trilogy has been beloved by readers since its debut in 2012. With such devoted fans, successfully crafting a television adaptation that honors the source material is no small task. Thankfully, Netflix’s adaptation of the series has won the approval of fans and critics alike.

Starring Jessie Mei Li, Archie Renaux and Ben Barnes, the first season of the series, based on the first novel in the trilogy, was released in April 2021. The show quickly marked a renewal for season two, which s ‘to adapt to Siege and storm.

3 Outlander takes viewers on an adventure through time

The STARZ series Foreign premiered in 2014 and has been running for six seasons. Based on Diana Gabaldon’s popular fantasy book series, the show follows Claire Randall after she accidentally travels from 1940s to 1743 in Scotland.

Foreign is a gripping drama that highlights the immense tension of the Jacobite rising. Connecting history to fantasy, Foreign constantly keeps things innovative as the characters travel through different places and times. The series features impressive performances from Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, and Tobias Menzies, especially in its first two seasons.

2 Cancellation keeps viewers guessing

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant direct The defeatthe HBO adaptation of the novel You should have known by Jean Hanff Korelitz. The twisty thriller centers around the mysterious death of a young mother and the ensuing investigation, which sees Grant’s character become a prime suspect.

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The series deftly maintains a level of intrigue and enigma, with viewers left unsure who to trust until the end of the show. Kidman and Grant’s performances received particular praise from critics, with Grant earning an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series for his role.

1 Heartstopper Elevates Graphic Novels

by Netflix Heart stroke is an adaptation of Alice Oseman’s graphic novel series that began as a webcomic in 2016. Oseman’s heavy involvement as the television adaptation’s creator and screenwriter allows the series to replicate and expand upon its source material in a way that significantly elevates the story.

Many characters and relationships are much more fleshed out in the series than in the graphic novels, giving the whole series more depth and providing more compelling storytelling opportunities. Heart stroke marked a double renewal earlier this year, with upcoming seasons likely adapting the third and fourth volumes of the graphic novel series.

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