A celebratory message from the campaign for peace

Most elections are about the incumbents saying how great a job they’ve done over the past four years and their opponents saying how bad things have gotten.

I would like to start my campaign by celebrating who and what we are today. The political ideas and debates will come soon, but let’s start with a shout-out to those who continue to make the Sault a great place to live, raise a family or start a business.

As summer draws to a close, I think it was obvious that the people of our city came together to organize some amazing events and gatherings. Covid hasn’t left the building entirely, but we felt comfortable reuniting this summer and the numbers showed we were ready!

From concerts to parades, from Rotary parties to poutine parties, music in every restaurant, club and park, there was a real party atmosphere in the Soo in recent months. The galleries, culture and life we ​​have in our own backyard have flourished.

Yes, the Soo is notorious for emptying out on summer weekends when people go to camps, but as newer generations move in here without access to cabins or even cars, city life begins to to resume.

New restaurants and businesses are popping up everywhere, and the Downtown Association’s Zero Vacancy program is bringing to life storefronts that have gone underutilized for years. Today, the problem is not unemployment, it’s where entrepreneurs find staff.

The grounds were alive with kids playing football, baseball and a dozen other sports! All this is made possible thanks to the thousands of volunteers who live among us.

Whether it’s the Kiwanis club raising money to build a playground or Rotary volunteers making Rotary Fest a reality for city staff and volunteers bringing the Summer Moon Festival to town, this summer has literally “paints the city”!

Cruise ships docked, tall ships entered port and thousands of people cycled the beautiful trails that have earned a reputation throughout the region and far beyond.

Now, the Agawa Canyon Grand Sightseeing Train will start running, and people from overseas will descend on our city for an autumn full of events and pride. Students are starting to come by bus and plane to our wonderful educational institutions – say hello if you see them wandering lost in the streets or supermarkets. They are often away from home and probably came with the dream of making it their home one day. We need them to stay!

And let’s not forget all those who tirelessly devote themselves to helping the destitute, the poor and the sick. They rarely make the headlines but work – often in the middle of the night to care for people in need.

There are so many things to celebrate. Especially our amazing volunteers who make this town so special. There will be time to talk about the challenges, of which there are many. But on this day, the Mayor’s Peace Campaign will take a deep breath and enjoy the Fringe North festival this weekend! One more event in a busy schedule.

Angela C. Hale