A dash of humor with a dash of faith: New book helps readers achieve the best version of themselves

Jane Jenkins Herlong hopes her new book will help spread joy and encouragement to those in need.

She believes that now more than ever, we need to learn to laugh at ourselves.

“Especially in the times we live in, I think people need levity and encouragement and hope, and I think the best way to deal with things that go wrong in our lives, I think a good sense of humor is key,” says Jane. .

Jane Jenkins Herlong is set to release her new book, Sweet Tea Secrets from the Deep Fried South: Sassy, ​​Sacred, Southern Stories Filled with Hope and Humor, in March.

“It’s just funny, super exaggerated stories from my upbringing in Charleston. All those funny things I had to learn growing up. It’s fun, it’s humorous, and it’s Bible-based,” Herlong says. . “There are little takeaways from the word of God, which I love connecting things to Proverbs and just wise divine pronouncements, with stories to back them up.”

Jane grew up in the tomato fields of her father’s farm. She was bullied for dyslexia and being simple. She says it’s because of that, and her mother teaching her how to use humor to bring lightness to a situation, that she is where she is today.

“I once saw my IQ, and it was so low it was pathetic,” Jane said. “But I dreamed big, and I just decided with God anything is possible, so I prayed.”

“I was drawn to the pageant world. I certainly didn’t have the money to get into it, but it helped me with scholarships. I actually went to college with my pageant money. It was everything I wanted to become, but I wasn’t. It took me to the next level in my life.”

In her new book, Jane addresses specific milestones as well as issues in a woman’s life, such as fitting into flat-topped church culture, sacred sisterhood, sassy southern women, and why. we are drawn to beauty contests.

Whether you love southern ways of life or find their ways weird and amusing, she says you’ll be entertained and inspired by warm southern humor and time-tested tips for achieving the best version of yourself.

Today on Connections, Jane talks about her new book, how she knows the Canadian anthem, and why it’s so important to add some joy to our lives.

Angela C. Hale