A local author celebrates the release of his second book

Author Sandra Hodde has released her second book, “The Steady Progression of Clouds”, a novel. (Photos submitted)

Sandra Hodde always knew she wanted to be an author.

“I wanted to write a novel since I was in sixth grade,” she recalls. “My teacher, Mrs Swenton, took me and another girl out of our daily English lessons, along with a boy from another teacher’s class, and made the three of us work on our novels while the other children were doing English.”

Hodde and his classmates were competing to enter the Young Author Contest, sponsored by Oakland University. Hodde wrote a mystery, about 96 pages, which his mother typed on an old manual typewriter. She made illustrations of it, made a blanket out of the cardboard sheets that came with her father’s dry-cleaned shirts, and tied it with a shoelace.

“I had to provide several copies of the manuscript for the competition, but my parents couldn’t afford it, so Mrs Swenton took care of it for me. And I won! I had the day off to tour and have lunch at college, and that was the start of me writing novels.

Today, Hodde has published two books. She recently published her second book, “The Constant Progression of Clouds”, a novel. The book follows Allison, who finds herself embroiled in the lives of two different women after her lonely life is shattered. Each tries to cope with harrowing life circumstances, but as their worlds intertwine, they unite to become “different sisters,” resulting in challenges, dangers, revelations, heartache, and loss. joy that none of them had ever known before.

“Ideas for this novel have been bubbling and swirling around in my mind and in my journals for years,” Hodde said. “In 2010 I participated in National Novel Writing Month and completed the first 50,000 word draft based on these journal notes and influenced by some events in my own life. It revolves around themes that I was passionate about and wanted to explore and share. It lasted for about ten years after that, however, because when you teach English full time, there are not many free hours nowhere.

Hodde happily got back into it after completing his first book, “Creative Writing… In a Nutshell,” which was released in June 2020. The book is a comprehensive course in creative writing based on more than two decades of teaching of Hodde.

She taught at Walled Lake Western from 1996 to 2017, and before beginning her teaching career, she worked as a legal secretary for 15 years. Today, she owns Your Coach for College, LLC, where she teaches students SAT/ACT, college writing skills, college academic skills, AP/IB help, or whatever else they might need. .

Hodde says she plans to publish more books soon, including a companion piece to “Creative Writing…In A Nutshell.”

“I want to make a companion to the creative writing book called ‘College Writing…In A Nutshell,’ which I have taught for two decades and for which I think there is a real need,” he said. she declared. “I enjoyed writing the novel so much that I may have to put it back after the next one(s). I am currently working on a series based on my father’s life. I’m still in the planning and research phase of this project, so I’m not sure when exactly it will launch.

“The Constant Progression of Clouds” can be purchased on Amazon (https://amzn.to/38Y1A2x.) It is available in e-book, paperback or hardcover format. Visit Hodde’s author’s website at sphodde.com. For more information about Your College Coach, LLC, visit yourcoachforcollege.com.

Angela C. Hale