A longtime anti-nuclear campaigner was put on trial this morning in Plymouth

Photo of Cape Cod and Plymouth anti-nuclear activists by Paul Rifkin

Diane Turco, who has been fighting the factory for decades, is back in court over issues related to her Pilgrim protest

UPDATE: We have just learned that the charges against Diane Turco have been dropped because the police officers who arrested her failed to appear in court. Activists are not necessarily thrilled, some were looking for an opportunity to testify, but anyway we will follow up with Turco this summer.

In 2018, Miriam Wasser, today environmental reporter for WBURachieved the remarkable journalistic feat of writing a oral history of anti-nuclear activity in Massachusetts for our partners at the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism. At over 30,000 words, the feature, titled “Pilgrims”, was printed as a standalone publication and released in its entirety via BINJ and as excerpts in the Dig and elsewhere.

Needless to say the struggle continues. Even with the dismantling of the Pilgrim nuclear power station in Plymouth. And the fear and intimidation also continues. Today, Diane Turco, one of the main characters in this story who has been fighting the factory for decades, is back in court on matters related to her protest against Pilgrim, this time on charges stemming from a alleged trespassing incident in 2018.

Turco’s team stood together this morning at Plymouth District Court, and knowing them they will be there for as long as his trial lasts. In the meantime, we recommend this exceptional profile of Turco by Sarah Carlon that the Cape Cod weather published this morning to coincide with the debates.

Dig Staff means this article was a collaborative effort. Teamwork, as we like to call it.

Angela C. Hale