A version of the book “The Art and Science of Selling” for Sales Managers is now available in Hindi worldwide

New Delhi (India), October 14: Raj Kumar Sharma, the brilliant author of ‘The Art and Science of Sales’ has just published a Hindi version of his book. A Hindi translation of his book “Sales Ek Kala Aur Vigyan” has been published to accommodate the needs of readers who prefer to read in Hindi.

Readers have found The Art and Science of Selling well worth reading. This book acts as a boon for anyone aiming to build a career in sales and marketing. Several practical sales tips are covered in the book. Plus, this book simplifies the complexities of B2B sales. Through clear definitions and demystification of technical terms, it clearly explains the science behind sales. The book also attempts to familiarize sales teams with the latest B2B sales trends.

This Hindi version also titled “Sales Ek Kala Aur Vigyan” pursues the same goal as it is meant to help those who want to succeed in sales and marketing. A clear explanation of the Art and Science of Selling is given at the beginning of the book by the author.

A distinction is made between the components of science and art by the author. Each chapter of this book includes an elaborate explanation of the different components of the science of selling. This book offers an overview of sales models, sales processes, prospecting, the role of social media and cold calling.

On major platforms such as Amazon and Goodreads, the English version of her book has received several positive reviews, with readers expressing their gratitude for her work. Let’s take a look at one of the amazing reviews the book received from an Amazon Verified Buyer: “This book is very useful for people who want to advance their sales career. The author explained in very simple language the subject of the sales process, the importance of preparation and the first sales meeting. This is one of the most important parts of sales, if it goes well you get 50% of the sales closing success.

The author of this acclaimed book for sales managers found it necessary to come out with the title, “Sales Ek Kala Aur Vigyan”. He said: “Seeing more people benefit from his work would make it viable. This is one of the main reasons why I decided to translate my remarkable work, “The Art and Science of Selling”. In India, Hindi is the most spoken language, so it makes sense to publish the book in this language.

As an expert in sales leadership, business reinvention and customer relationship management, Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma is an eminent and recognizable figure. Additionally, he is known for his contributions to sales and business and his initiatives to train and develop the next generation of sales heroes. A new feather in his cap may well be the launch of the Hindi version of his book, another testament to his achievements as an author and as a sales maverick.

Angela C. Hale