Abu Dhabi waives fees for publishers attending 2022 book fairs

The decision will cover exhibitors from the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, Al Ain Book Festival and Al Dhafra Book Festival

Abu Dhabi, UAE: The Arabic Language Center Abu Dhabi (ALC), part of the Department of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi), has announced that exhibitors attending the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF), Al Ain Book Festival and Al Dhafra Book Festival for 2022 will be exempt from paying rental fees.

This decision is part of the strategy put in place by the ALC to ensure business continuity and stimulate the growth of the publishing sector, in addition to improving recovery and supporting local and international publishers. The exemption also underscores the important role the Emirate of Abu Dhabi plays as a global center of culture, reflects ALC’s confidence in the influential role publishers play, and demonstrates the Centre’s commitment to helping publishers to meet the global challenges facing the industry. post-pandemic.

The ALC had announced its intention to organize the Al Ain Book Festival from November 14 to 20 in the city of Al Ain, with a packed program of cultural, intellectual and artistic events.

HE Dr Ali bin Tamim, President of the ALC, welcomed this latest decision, which aims to support the new strategy of ADIBF and book fairs in general, which shows the vision of leadership to promote knowledge, advance the publishing sector, support local publishers and facilitate dialogue between ADIBF and the various sectors of publishing and creative content at local, regional and international level.

“Organized annually by the ALC, the 2022 Abu Dhabi International Book Fair has achieved remarkable success, cementing its advanced position on the global cultural scene,” said HE bin Tamim. “This aligns the fair with the reputation of the United Arab Emirates and Abu Dhabi as an industry leader and host of the most important exhibitions and cultural events, which allow the public to explore human creativity and innovation in all sectors.”

“In its latest edition, the event was able to support publishers and stimulate competition with the aim of advancing and developing all aspects of the publishing industry,” HE bin Tamim added. “We are currently working to develop Al Ain Book Festival and Al Dhafra Book Festival and relaunch them with new editions that meet the demands and aspirations of publishers and the local publishing industry.”

Over the course of a week, the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2022 presented a wide range of comprehensive cultural, intellectual and artistic events targeting all types of audiences. The fair welcomed 1,130 publishers from more than 80 countries, as well as a selection of literary and intellectual personalities who have won the Nobel, Booker and Pulitzer prizes, as well as the Sheikh Zayed Book Award, among others, and who participated in more than 650 different events.

ADIBF 2022 also saw the launch of the “Kanz Al Jeel” prize, which aims to honor poetic works, folk studies and nabati research, and is awarded to scholars and creators whose works explore the heritage of poetry. nabati and its authentic values. The prize includes six categories: Poetry Matching, where entrants must create works that match the poem Ya’al Nou Banat Mazoona by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founding father of the United Arab Emirates; Creative personality; Arts, which includes Arabic calligraphy; Studies and Research; Publications of poetry, and finally, translation.

The Fair also included the first edition of the International Congress of Arabic Publishing and Creative Industries, bringing together 300 speakers, publishers and experts from around the world. Also on the agenda was the 19th Meeting of Gulf Cooperation Council Book Fair Directors, which resulted in a set of effective recommendations to improve book fairs and the Arabic publishing landscape.

A series of round tables, seminars and art exhibitions at ADIBF 2022 brought together the famous poet Adonis and the winner of the 2021 Nobel Prize in Economics Guido Imbens. The event also included panel discussions to introduce the winners of the Sheikh Zayed Book Prize for 2022 and the International Prize for Arabic Fiction (sponsored by the Booker Prize foundation), as well as world-renowned Arabic calligrapher Fouad Honda from Japan.

About the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF) was launched in 1981 to provide an international cultural platform bringing together publishers, libraries, agents, cultural establishments and the press under one roof to exchange ideas and identify promising opportunities. Each year, the event welcomes leading publishers from the Arab world and beyond in a series of activities and events, with the aim of stimulating the progress and development of the publishing sector and opening up new promising prospects for local and Arab publishers.

About Arabic Language Center Abu Dhabi

The Arabic Language Center Abu Dhabi, established following a directive from His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, under the Ministry of Culture and Abu Dhabi Tourism, works to support Arabic language development and modernization through comprehensive strategies and frameworks, enrich the scientific, educational, cultural and creative contributions of the Arabic language, promote Arabic language proficiency and cultural understanding, and supporting Arab talents in the fields of writing, translation, publishing, scientific research, arts, content creation and organization of book fairs. The Center strives to achieve its core vision through dedicated programs, human expertise and meaningful partnerships with the world’s most prestigious technical, cultural and academic institutions.

About the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT Abu Dhabi) drives the sustainable growth of Abu Dhabi’s culture, tourism and creative sectors, fuels economic progress and helps achieve global ambitions more off Abu Dhabi. By working in partnership with the organizations that define the emirate’s position as a leading international destination, DCT Abu Dhabi strives to unite the ecosystem around a shared vision of the emirate’s potential, coordinate efforts and investments, to propose innovative solutions and to use the best tools, policies and systems to support the culture and tourism industries.

DCT Abu Dhabi’s vision is defined by the people, heritage and landscape of the emirate. We work to enhance Abu Dhabi’s status as a place of authenticity, innovation and unrivaled experiences, represented by its living traditions of hospitality, pioneering initiatives and creative thinking.

Angela C. Hale