Alien: Isolation Gets Companion Book 8 Years After Launch

In an unexpected turn of events, Alien: Isolation is set to receive a comprehensive companion book detailing the game’s creation and more…eight years after its launch.

Titled “Perfect Organism”, the book will dive deep into the development of the game and dissect its history and characters, which will include a look at what happened to main character Amanda Ripley after the events of the game. There will also be commentary and trivia throughout for die-hard fans to deepen their knowledge and test their own.

The book – written by gaming journalist Andy Kelly – will be available as a hardcover or ebook and is currently being funded on Unbound. Those who commit early to the project can earn a place on the list of supporters, which will be included in the finished book. A variety of higher tiers also offer bonuses like signed copies, author podcasts, and even extra chapters.

Released in 2014, Alien: Isolation is a stealth game in which players take on the role of Amanda Ripley in a story set between the events of the first two films in the series. She goes in search of her mother, the alien franchise heroine Ellen Ripley, soon finding herself navigating a decommissioned space station inhabited by a deadly Xenomorph.

In our Alien: Isolation review, we praised its impressive cat-and-mouse stealth encounters and impeccable sound design, but felt that some of its mechanics got in the way of the fun at the worst times.

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Angela C. Hale