Author Patricia Huff’s new book ‘Guardian Angels’ is an amazing collection of true stories that illustrate how divine intervention can change lives

Patricia Huff, a retired businesswoman and entrepreneur who spends her free time doing community service, biking and traveling, has completed her new book Guardian Angels: True, Amazing, Miraculous Stories from Home Care and Proof of Divine Intervention”: a powerful collection of true stories illustrating the wonderful miracles that have touched the lives of those the author has encountered in the course of his work.

“True and amazing stories from the owner of a New England home care business about life – his purpose and evidence of divine intervention,” Huff writes. “Stories of families in crisis and the incredible turn of events. Inside you will read how the divine shows life the sign of life after death. You will read about the life of a client who was saved by a miracle that defied odds and evidence – yes, absolute proof of divine intervention in our lives.

Published by Page Publishing, Patricia Huff’s enlightening story begins with starting her own home care business, which in turn was inspired by the home care she provided to her mother. Over the years of running her own business, Huff has experienced many strange and interesting occurrences that she could only attribute to guardian angels watching over those who needed it most. Experiencing the full power of divine intervention and how it can change his life, Huff has put pen to paper to provide indisputable proof that will take readers on an incredible journey to convince them that miracles can, and do, happen. often.

Readers who wish to experience this uplifting work can purchase “Guardian Angels: True, Amazing, Miraculous Stories from Home Care and Proof of Divine Intervention” in bookstores around the world, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble. .

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