Best Of Grizzard: 3rd Ex-Wife Book

Since I read and laughed through more than half of the books published by the late Lewis Grizzard (LG) 21-25 after obtaining enough material to write a weekly article every Friday until the age of 125, I made the decision to let my stomach stretch my muscles rest before having health problems because of laughter.

However, I discovered in the literary stash that my former high school classmate and her kind co-owner of a bookstore on the east side of Missionary Ridge had included a copy of a publication by ex-wife number three, Kathy Grizzard Schmook.

She married LG in 1979 and they divorced in 1982. In 1986 she wrote “How to Tame a Wild Bore & Other Facts of Life with Lewis” with a subtitle of “The Semi-True Confessions of the Third Ms. Grizzard”.

In 160 pages of humor and vivid accounts of her three years in heaven (or hell) about the adventures and hardships she shared with the promising author of many bestsellers and funny man from the South recognized.

Frankly, my first thoughts after reading the book were that such a stock of events that produced my stomach muscles bursting into repeated spasms of laughter, I prematurely concluded that Mrs. Grizzard Schmook was just the leader (the lady) and that she and LG had conspired to produce another source of unbridled humor at the expense of American readers to enjoy.

However, when I went to my trusty computer and inserted her name, I quickly discovered that she was an accomplished writer, capable of entertaining and revealing many personal episodes and experiences with the eccentric favorite son of Moreland, Georgia.

Whether she is totally responsible for writing her ex-husband’s presentation or whether there is some collaboration is irrelevant and need not be decided.

When Peachtree Publishers of Atlanta, Georgia published the book in 1986, she had been freed and released from LG’s antics for three to four years.

On the inside front cover, she is quoted:

“I’ve been interviewed privately, interviewed by major newspapers and magazines, and besieged at cocktail parties by men and women all asking the same question: ‘What was it like being married to Lewis Grizzard?’ I’m sick of the polite and evasive answers Good breeding can only get you so far, and it finally occurred to me that I might be doing Lewis readers a great disservice by not sharing “the rest of the story” with them.As a card-holding member of the Accrue More Alimony (AMA) Foundation, she is the only one who does.

With a statement from the publishing house that “Kathy Grizzard Schmook doesn’t get mad…she gets revenge,” the author takes readers on a journey that covers her multiple likes and dislikes (LG), weaknesses, and a few- some of its strengths. , which take place in her relationship with LG before she finally divorces the hit rascal and escapes to the “magnificent state of Montana – a haven, a paradise, and the home of all I treasure!”

She uses the words of the late Paul Harvey to establish the potential limits of her goal of expressing their life together by assuring readers that she could be doing Lewis readers a huge disservice by not sharing “the rest of the story. “.

Golf, dogs, tennis, addictions, travels across Europe, her interaction with Kathy’s two young children from a previous marriage, Dawg football, her need for attention, her traits of hypochondria, which she names ” Grizzobia”, his worries about his heart issues, and many more will entertain from start to finish.

Limited additional research reveals that ex-wife number 3 produced only one additional book written by her in 1987, “From Beginner to Doublewide”; indicating that after escaping the hectic life with Lewis Grizzard, she found a quieter solitude and happiness in the mountains of Montana.

A final chapter, Appendectomy comprises ten (10) pages of a purported interview with a reporter from Rural Detective magazine which includes additional attempted and successful commentary where she expressed her conclusion that LG’s pet peeve were “television evangelists “.

A second good question contained in the chapter was “What was Lewis’ greatest fear?” “He really had two, one was trapped in a hot tub with Jerry Falwell and Prince, and the other was that one of his ex-wives might write a book about him one day.”

(One of the two was made in 1986!)

* * *

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Angela C. Hale