Brock Companies Book Sale October 27 – The Brock Press

Photo by: Tom Hermans

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On Thursday, October 27 from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., the Brock University Medieval and Renaissance Society (BUMARS) and the Brock University Historical Society (BUHS) will host a book sale on the Canadian Tire Bridge, located between the Plaza Building and Taro Lobby.

The event will be led by BUMARS Italian and History fourth-grade co-major Elizabeth Colantoni. BUMARS and BUHS recently collaborated on a social mixer on October 3, and Colantoni said it was a pleasure to work with their group.

“It was the first time the clubs had collaborated, at least since returning from the pandemic,” she said. “Earlier this term, I contacted BUHS chairman Jesse to ask if the club would like to join in the book sale. And he then invited us to join the social mixer. It was great to work with another club that wants to encourage growth and recruit interested new members.

She also mentioned that, despite the historical leanings of both clubs, there would be a wide variety of books available for sale.

“We sell all kinds of books,” she says. “Initially, we wondered if we should stick to textbooks or more academic sources, but we realized that people would be interested in more than these kinds of books. So we decided to accept whatever was given to us. We have topics ranging from non-fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, biographies, novels, world religions, and a few more in between. The more we have, the more we can offer.

These books were donated to them by various members of the community, including professors, MARS and HIST departments, and students.

“We were lucky that many people gave generously,” Colantoni said.

She then said that proceeds from this event would fund events like these in the future.

“Profits will be divided between the clubs and they will be used for events that will take place in the future,” she said. “We have exciting things in the works for the next term! I am currently unable to reveal too many details as we are still in the brainstorming and rough planning stages. But stay tuned and follow our social media pages.

This event will only accept cash; students can find an ATM at Union Station just down the stairs. It will run for five hours on Thursday afternoon, hoping that those interested will have plenty of time to stop by and see what they can find.

Angela C. Hale