Cardinal Stafford interviewed ahead of online conference

Cardinal Stafford of Denver sat down with The pillar reflect on the Liturgy of the Hours, prayer, the Church, its own ministry and a path of renewal in this apostolic age. This interview precedes a free online lecture, sponsored by the Lay Division of St. John Vianney Seminary, titled “The Song of Praise: The Liturgy of the Hours and Parish Life,” which the Cardinal will give on Saturday, May 21. For more information and to register for the free conference, visit the event page.

“The Liturgy of the Hours was a way of imitating Christ and he was the only one I saw as a model of what it meant to be the child of God, the beloved son of God,” Cardinal Stafford told The Pillar. “We lifted [our hearts] to the Lord, but this elevation is something we must repeat throughout the day if we follow Christ. And it is not painful when one loves Christ to follow him in his life of prayer.

Cardinal Stafford did not fail to underline the intention of the Liturgy of the Hours when it was renewed in 1971, with the publication of canticum laudis, the apostolic constitution which promulgated the revised breviary. “The Church says these hymns, these songs, 150 of them, have a place for all the sorrows and joys of the human heart, penance and tears, and clapping and kneeling before God in the joy in worship. He taps into every emotion in the human heart, and he did that for me,” he told the Pillar. “So I guess the Church was looking for a way to put joy back into our hearts. The Church has renewed in us a prayerful way of expressing all this. And of course, not only through the liturgy of the hours, but also through the other great liturgies, in particular the rediscovery of the liturgy of the Eucharist I think Paul VI was definitely saying, and all who followed him, that we need to rediscover joy.

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For more information and to register for Cardinal Stafford’s upcoming online lecture on the Liturgy of the Hours, “The Song of Praise: The Liturgy of the Hours and Parish Life,” visit the Lay Division of St. John’s Seminary Vianney. event page.

Angela C. Hale