Champlain Library Book Review – ‘An Honest Lie’, by Tarryn Fisher

Alicia Heinzle, Librarian for Children and Teens, Champlain Library

An honest lieby Tarryn Fisher

I was first captivated by Tarryn Fisher’s writing with her novel, wivesand was surprised by its intriguing plot twist.

Suspense seekers won’t be disappointed with Fisher’s latest novel – An honest lie. This title takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster as the main character tries to separate his new life from his brutal past.

As we explore Rainy’s new surroundings, friends, and life, she takes us back to a traumatic sectarian childhood. Readers will feel like they are bombarded by endless waves with each revelation of childhood events. It’s underestimated how strong a character can be after going through such hardships. Rainy set us all on the road to overcoming these dark sufferings – and new ones. Who are her new friends and trustworthy husband? Does she really know them?

The oxymoron title suits the contradictory plot and a very indecisive main character. You’ll turn the pages to see what she’s up to next!

Book review written by Alicia Heinzle, librarian for children and adolescents, Bibliothèque Champlain – About me: I love creating new activities and programs for children in our community. I have two little ones at home who encourage me to embrace lifelong learning and see the good in every day.

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