Chicago Tribune’s Ray Long discusses his new book on former speaker Mike Madigan | Radio WGN 720

This week, Paul goes behind the curtain with Pulitzer Prize finalist and Chicago Tribune investigative reporter Ray Long to discuss his incredibly timely book, “The House that Madigan Built: The Record Run of Illinois’ Velvet Hammer.” In this book, Long does not write the biography of Mike Madigan; far from there. It features a series of stories and events that illustrate the power held by the longtime speaker and his hold and impact on Illinois law. How Madigan did what he did, really never used email or a cellphone, and how lawmakers needed to know what Madigan was thinking before they knew how they should vote on a bill of law are all discussed in this wide-ranging interview. The night Madigan turned back time to stop the Chicago White Sox from leaving Chicago and much more is told by the reporter who has covered Madigan since 1981. This is a truly in-depth look at this new book and one that will surely bring you If you want to pick up a copy and read it so you can figure it out for yourself, did Madigan’s departure from the Illinois government mean a permanent change in the way business is done? You can get a copy of the book at and wherever books are sold.

Angela C. Hale