Coast Guard veterinarian Darin Bibeau discusses a book about his military and entrepreneurial journeys

Darin Bibeau, former U.S. Coast Guard Law Enforcement Tactical Team Leader, recently spoke about his book which provides a detailed account of the lessons and experiences he learned from his military service in his own company.

Bibeau sat down with GovCon Wire to outline the book, titled “Back To Bulletproof: A Warrior’s Tactical Guide to Success.”

Why did you write the book?

Darin Bibeau: I wrote the book to share my story with the public about the different capabilities of the US Coast Guard and how the USCG made me a leader. Then I got into public procurement in Southeast Asia where I was in charge of a special operations team, then I came back to the United States and I own one of the biggest companies of American manufacturing manufacturing stainless steel pipes for ventilation systems. Run the business with operations, structure, and leadership that I learned 100% from my experience at USCG.

Who is this book for?

Bibeau: Anyone coming out of the military who wants to be motivated to learn what I did while I was in the service, as well as civilians who want to learn ideas about business and how the military can produce people incredibly talented.

How did your time as a Coast Guard officer impact your ability to start a business?

Bibeau: The Coast Guard Special Warfare community taught me skills you can’t learn in the classroom: bringing discipline, core values, and leadership to the business world.

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