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Aligarh: Department of Community Medicine, JNMC, AMU sent a team of 22 postgraduate graduates and 3 medical social workers to attend a conference so that they can be sensitized to consider dietary diversification for each household by eliminating deficiencies in micronutrients and achieving freedom from iron deficiency. world through the fortification of rice. The conference was organized by the World Food Program in collaboration with New Concept Information System Pvt. ltd. at DM Collectorate.

The keynote speaker, Mr. Niranjana Kumar, representing the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, spoke about the composition and benefits of fortified rice with respect to the state of malnutrition in India.

The fortified rice will be made available to the public through ration shops, expected in Aligarh from March 2023. He added.

The community medicine department will take the lead in publicizing fortified rice so that the community can increase rice consumption, said Prof. Mehnaz, chairman of the community medicine department.

The lecture was also attended by Ms. Selva Kumari, IAS; Aligarh District Magistrate with other district officials.

Angela C. Hale