Conference follow-up – Can it be easy?

Many students hate doing course checks. But they are crucial for every student, as they lay the groundwork for your next exam preparation. And those who fear it simply don’t know how to follow up. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.


When starting out, you should always think about the purpose of an event. Without a goal in mind, you always run the risk of failing. Do you want to understand the derivation of a specific formula? Or maybe internalize a certain pattern? So, you ask yourself: what did your speaker want to teach you in this conference? This way you can also specify what is relevant for the review and what is not. Orient yourself, for example, by how long your speaker talks about a topic.

When you are clear about it and have written it, you are dealing with the question: Why should I be able to do this? So it’s really about your motivation. What makes you understand this derivation or this model? It’s probably a little hard to see at first. But over time it will become easier for you. The likely reasons are that you need this model or derivation to have a good understanding of subsequent content based on it. Otherwise, it would be difficult for you to even write an essay on this topic about it. But at least here the professionals of essay writing services could help you.

Think about the content

With the goal in mind and the motivation in your bag, you can then start working on the content for the rest of the course.

This part of the summary is why you need to follow up on the course as soon as possible. In this way, your memories are always well preserved and it is easier to reflect on the content of the conference. So you go through the content again in your mind. You can also use your notes for this. This shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

As you review the course in your mind, think about the three most important points you took away or should take away from it. You then formulate them as bullet points. Key points are especially important here because you can memorize them twice as fast as if you were writing whole sentences. This is because key points naturally contain fewer words and therefore less information needs to be stored. Sounds logical, right?

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Structure the content

Before you start structuring, review your key points again. From these key points, you then formulate simple names. These are very meaningful and allow you to highly compress content. Now you create a mind map with these names. The central theme of this conference comes in the middle. Outgoing branches are of course for names, to which you can add other key points. You can also connect the names together. This way you create bridges and associations, which you can then remember even more easily. Because a coherent network should not only be stubbornly memorized. Logical links make it much easier to memorize content. And then use it in later tasks, so that you don’t need a professional writing service to help you with your writing.

Going through these stages in this way has many advantages. By first running through the content in your mind, then simplifying it again and again and narrowing it down to the most important things, you learn it. This means that when creating the mind map, you are in the middle of the learning process! The best thing is that this summary is not only the follow-up to your conference, but also ideal for preparing for the next conference. At the end of the course, you will ideally have followed each course and will be able to use the summaries to prepare for your exams.

Tracking lectures with mind maps

Now, of course, you might not like mind maps. The creation takes too much of your time, and you simply prefer to write down the key points on a learning sheet. But you really should think twice because with mind maps you can learn up to three times faster!


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