Dedication Will Never Be Enough” shares the author’s experience as a corrections officer at Rikers

Celestino Monclova has completed the new book “Broken: Dedication Will Never Be Enough”: a gripping and powerful work that shares the author’s recollection of some of the events that transpired during his time as a corrections officer at Rikers .

Author Celestino Monclova speaks about his time as a correctional officer, writing, “In my defense, I must confess that I was too big, too opinionated, too theatrical, too self-righteous and couldn’t keep my mouth shut. If I repeat myself, it’s because I think it needs to be repeated to make a point. I hope that documenting the events I experienced will bring me inner peace and perhaps give hope to others who find themselves in similar circumstances.

Monclova goes on to describe her experiences writing, “It’s all true. Most of these can be confirmed by newspaper articles, the many federal and state court cases filed, and various other records. Although I helped lift a lot of people who were falling prey to the chaos and corruption that plagued this whole department, at no time did I say or think for a minute that I was the hero or anyone’s saviour. .”

Published by Page Publishing, Celestino Monclova’s fascinating work shines a light on her impactful experiences.

Readers who wish to experience this meaningful work can purchase Broqué: Dedication Will Never Be Enough in bookstores around the world, or online at Apple’s iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble. .

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