Elden Ring desperately needs a lorebook

With the growing number of new players Elden Ring is getting every day, it would be nice to see FromSoftware publish a lore information book.

Ring of Elden desperately needs a lore book that breaks down the details of Midland history and history. While going through the full game, players are sure to pick up a ton of information about this vast world, especially when it comes to important characters such as Queen Marika and her Ring of Elden traditions. However, it seems nearly impossible to grasp the fullness of everything the game has to offer, so having an official source of lore-related information would be beneficial. Ring of Elden.

All along Ring of Elden, there are many ways for players to understand events that have happened in the past and are currently unfolding. The most convenient way is to talk to all the NPCs the game has to offer and exhaust their dialogue options. There are many, and they explain many things in the Lands Between; some Ring of Elden NPCs even have some sad stories that players will want to pay attention to. Cutscenes also provide basic information about Ring of Elden lore, but nothing very specific, and these can often leave players with more questions than answers.


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Ring of EldenThe vast world and story elements can get confusing to follow at times, and it would be helpful to have a lore book that provides a more in-depth analysis of the game’s story, regions, and characters. , The Elden Overture Ring was published by Yen Press, and it served as a decent prologue book to understand the lands in between and some of its fundamentals. The storytelling methods that FromSoftware has put into the game so far are good, but now that it’s been out for a little while, having more detailed source material for fans who want to dive deeper would be of immense benefit, especially since more questions are constantly popping up now that the game is out.

An Elden Ring lore book is to cover the breakup

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There are still so many unknown details related to the history of the Lands Between – notably the Shattering. A Ring of Elden lore book can solve this problem. The events of The Shattering provide the basic context for everything that came to fruition up to the point of Ring of Elden‘s protagonist entering the picture. Although the game gives a basic understanding of the past in the opening cutscenes, and later through NPC dialogue, some parts are still confusing, like how long the Shattering actually was. A lorebook could lay out a complete timeline for the Middle Lands, from when Queen Marika took power; it would help to better understand how and when important decisions had an impact and initiated major changes. The Lands Between is no longer the same place it once was (although a long time ago), so having a thorough understanding of its timeline would help fill in any existing gaps.

Another important aspect that a lore book could cover is the regions within Ring of Elden. Limgrave, Liurnia, Caelid, Altus Plateau, and Mountaintops of the Giants are the five main areas players can traverse, but there’s even more to it. Each region has its unique style and theme related to the tradition of Ring of Elden. Like many other aspects of Ring of Elden, completing questlines, talking to NPCs, and even traveling to these regions help players piece together a puzzle of what this area is and how it got there. However, like the Lands Between timeline, trying to put it all together cohesively can be a difficult task, and a lorebook that collects item descriptions and dialogue could give players much clearer insight into how places like Caelid appeared. the way they are.

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Finally, in the same spirit of historical timeline and region-specific culture, characters are the most important part of the game’s lore, and a book can most certainly go into detail about every significant person the protagonist has the chance to meet. to meet. Ring of Elden has some of the coolest characters in recent memory, but their background and role in Lands Between is even more interesting than their looks. NPC characters can already be understood to some extent by exhausting their dialogue options or completing optional quests for them, as this gradually reveals a bigger story about their background and motivations. However, some elements of their personal stories are easy to miss, and they don’t always connect to the Shattering accurately. A lore book could make their individual timelines much clearer.

An external or in-game Elden Ring lore book would work for both

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Many game studios have written and released copies of lore books that people can buy and read separately from the game. That’s a route FromSoftware can take with Ring of Eldenit is dark souls-stylish world. Given the game’s massive launch success, fans would likely continue to support Ring of Elden if quality content should continue to come out. Even if this additional content is simply a book that provides deeper details about the Lands Between – a world that so many have come to love – it could keep players engaged in the community. It makes sense that FromSoftware doesn’t publish a lore book before Ring of Eldenas it would have ruined the incentive many players would have to explore and learn more about the world, but even if he chose not to release one after launch, there are other options.

One element that most open-world RPGs have adopted is a journal and codex option in their menus, and Ring of Elden could do the same. Even if this addition would deviate somewhat from the previous Dark souls game mechanics, it wouldn’t ruin the spirit of this Ring of Elden is, and Miyazaki has already clarified that the game is not part of the souls series. If certain topics were populated with items players found or conversations they had had, this would also not interfere with the sense of discovery, just allow for easier reference after the fact. FromSoftware has already added a few niceties to the game, like having icons on the map to indicate where NPCs are, indicating that the studio wants to help guide players a bit more than they may have. in the past (probably due to the size of the world itself). To have some Ring of Elden The lore posted on Twitter was a useful start, but it’s time for FromSoftware and Bandai Namco to push the envelope now that the game has been out for a while, if only to appease gamers’ relentless appetite for more. knowledge about its world and its history.

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