Elon University / Today in Elon / MIT Engineers to Give Newhall Lecture on November 15

Nan-Wei Gong, founder of Figur8 Inc., and Anirudh Sharma, co-founder of Graviky Labs, will discuss entrepreneurship at the forefront of innovation.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab entrepreneurs and graduates Nan-Wei Gong and Anirudh Sharma will give the C. Ashton Newhall Endowed 2022 Lecture on Nov. 15 at 4:30 p.m. at the LaRose Digital Theater at the Ernest A. Koury Sr. Business Center.

During the presentation, “Entrepreneurship at the Forefront of Innovation”, Gong will share his work on tracking body movements using AI data sensors and Sharma will discuss his work transforming pollutants into ink. and plastic.

Gong is the CEO of Figur8 Inc., the industry leader in transforming musculoskeletal care with objective data and AI-powered biomarkers. His work has been recognized by major media such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg and INC.

Previously, Gong was a member of the award-winning founding team of 3dim Tech, a gesture control for mobile devices acquired in 2014, and founder and managing partner of Circular2, an engineering consulting firm specializing in rapidly turning ideas into production. some products. His clients included MIT and Harvard, as well as Fortune 50 companies such as Google and Samsung.

Gong received a Ph.D. from the MIT Media Lab in 2013. As an innovator driven by rigorous scientific and technical training, she has published over 30 peer-reviewed papers and filed and granted over 10 US patents to date.

Sharma is a designer, inventor, and engineer, who has started and led 0→1 commercial and non-profit ventures based on his research that impact human well-being and the environment.

As co-founder of Graviky Labs, he works to sequester carbon emissions from air pollution by recycling it into other materials such as ink. Graviky’s AIR-INK has sparked a global art movement with artists and the print industry around the world using it to create beautiful stories of protest and carbon addiction to raise environmental awareness.

An interdisciplinary researcher, Sharma is interested in using sensors (electronic and imaging), biofeedback, and AI to embed I/O intelligence into everyday objects that promote better physiology and better mind-body-world interaction. His work has been recognized by TED, MIT TR35, Forbes 30 Under 30, and TIME’s ‘Best Invention of the Year’ in 2020. He is a graduate of the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT Media Lab.

The C. Ashton Newhall Endowed Lecture Series, named for University Administrator Elon C. Ashton Newhall ’98 and hosted by the Doherty Center for Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, brings successful entrepreneurs to campus to share their knowledge and experience in managing the risks and rewards of entrepreneurial endeavors.

Angela C. Hale