Eton College students ‘disrespected’ girls in Nigel Farage lecture

Eton College has apologized “unreservedly” after claiming girls who came from a nearby state school were booed by its pupils.

An anonymous claim made on social media by the mother of one of the girls alleged that students had made racial slurs and misogynistic comments at them during a speech given by Nigel Farage at school.

Mr Farage told the BBC the atmosphere at last week’s event was “riotous”. The College told the broadcaster it apologized “unreservedly” for the “totally unacceptable” behavior and that a number of pupils had been “sanctioned”.

“The behavior of some Eton pupils at a recent Nigel Farage lecture was totally unacceptable,” read a statement from the College.

“Eton requires that all of our students treat others with decency and respect.

“That did not happen on this occasion and the school investigated and disciplined a number of students.”

Following the incident, Eton Head Master Simon Henderson lectured to students to “reinforce school expectations”.

In a statement posted on Twitter, the mother claimed the boys booed the girl group “for taking up space in the amphitheater”.

“My daughter thought that was a big part of why this country is in the state it is in. Their behavior was horrible,” the statement read.

Angela C. Hale