Exhibition at the New York gallery and David Byrne’s drawing book on the way

David Byrne made a series of line drawings, “dingbats”, earlier in the pandemic, which were exhibited in a virtual exhibition at New York’s Pace Gallery in 2020. An in-person exhibition of this series, “How I learned non-rational logic”, will open soon at the gallery as well. He leaves from From February 2 to March 19 at 540 West 25th Streetwith an opening reception on February 1st.

A press release states:

This presentation follows Byrne’s 2020 exhibition with Pace – an online exhibition of 50 dingbat designs produced during quarantine – and marks the artist’s eighth collaboration with the gallery since 2003. The works in his dingbat series are struggling with the boredom, anxiety and loneliness of midlife. as well as the inequalities and injustices highlighted by the pandemic. Dingbats are Byrne’s response to these conditions – an imaginative way of expressing hope, the desire for connection and the power of community.

Here are some dingbats:

David Byrne Dingbats

images courtesy of David Byrne & Pace Gallery

The New York Times reports that Pace will present a conversation with Byrne and John Wilson also on February 7, as part of their Pace Live series.

There is also a drawing book, A history of the world (in dingbats), en route, scheduled for release on March 9 via Phaidon. It’s 160 pages, includes 115 illustrations, and is available for pre-order now. Here’s what it looks like:

David Byrne A History of the World

Meanwhile, Byrne takes care of the Broadway series American utopiaalso.

Angela C. Hale