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Falklands Liberation Anniversary Lecture at Queen’s University Belfast

Saturday, October 29, 2022 – 10:26 UTC

Falkland Islands representative Richard Hyslop opened the lecture ceremony at Queen’s University Belfast

As part of the 40th anniversary year of the events in the Falkland Islands in the UK, a delegation from Falkland House visited Belfast and Northern Ireland.

They took the opportunity to meet Northern Ireland MP and Falklands Submariner veteran Dr Steve Aiken OBE at Stormont, the Northern Ireland Assembly building and hold a short service commemoration and wreath laying at the Falklands Memorial in
the Palace Barracks, where a new Falklands flag was presented to Albert Owen MBE.

In the evening, a conference was held with the Royal Geographical Society at Queen’s University Belfast entitled ‘The Falkland Islands and Forty Years of Progress: Environment and Science’. Queen’s University has a long academic relationship with the Falkland Islands.

The conference was chaired by Dr Jim McAdam (Biologist, Queen’s), with guest speakers Dr Alastair Pinkerton (Geopolitics, Royal Holloway), Tara Pelembe (SAERI) and Hannah McPhee (Junior Ambassador).

Dr Al Pinkerton explained how the Falkland Islands have come to play an increasingly important role in telling their own history. Tara Pelembe told the story of SAERI and how it was expanding across the globe with world-class scientific research, while Hannah McPhee discussed what it was like to be an islander and her priorities for the islands in the future.

The conference was attended by students, veterans, former FIG staff and others who have lived in the Falklands or have a strong interest in the islands.

Falkland Islands representative Richard Hyslop said: “It was great to be in Northern Ireland for a series of events marking the liberation of the Falkland Islands. It was important that we could pay tribute to those in Northern Ireland who gave their lives during the war.

“The visit was also an opportunity to engage with a member of the Northern Ireland Assembly and I hope we can build on this in the future. I was delighted that so many people were came to our event at Queen’s University, to hear a variety of lectures on the modern Falkland Islands and the advances that have been made in diplomacy, science and the environment over the past 40 years.

Angela C. Hale