Force ‘Season 2 has now started production

Power Book IV: Strength is one of the most popular Able spin off. Set after the murder of James “Ghost” St. Patrick, the series revolves around his best friend and business partner Tommy Egan as he carries on without him. Devastated by the events in New York, Tommy moves to Chicago to create a new organization. But he struggles with the perils of being the new man in town.

The first season ended explosively in April, leaving fans eager to see where the story goes next. Luckily, it looks like they won’t have to wait long, because Power Book IV: Strength Season 2 is already in preparation.

Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan in ‘Power Book IV: Force’ | Starz

Season 2 of “Power Book IV: Force” has entered production

Joseph Sikora, who plays the temperamental and foul-mouthed gangster in the series, confirmed the start of production on Instagram. He promised to update fans on behind-the-scenes footage and did so on his page.

“POWER Book 4: Strength!” WE HERE!!!” he wrote in part in an Instagram post, showing Sikora standing with others Power Book IV: Strength cast members. “SEASON 2 here we go!!!! 🚦🚦🚦”

While it’s still too early to determine a release date, the show is set to return in 2023. Chances are the date is specifically in the first part of the year, based on past patterns.

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Where ‘Power Book IV: Force’ left off

In the series finale, Tommy went to war with mob Walter Flynn and the Chicago Brothers Incorporated (CBI). Many soldiers were killed in the carnage, including Liliana. Tommy was devastated, vowing revenge on Claudia Flynn for Liliana’s death in Power Book IV: Strength. He couldn’t move in the finale, but Sikora believes viewers will see him trying to get revenge next season.

“I think Tommy is going to seek revenge on Liliana, first and foremost,” he told “And then I think he’ll strategize. I think it’s going to be a very complex season. Gary Lennon, who’s the showrunner, is an accomplished artist and story maker. I can’t wait to see where he go, because I have nothing but faith and confidence in his abilities.

Sikora also teased Tommy and Diamond Sampson’s new partnership now that Diamond has parted ways with Jenard Sampson. “I think there will definitely be more partnerships between Diamond and Tommy because Tommy can’t do it alone,” he shared. “No one can. So Tommy needs friends or at least people he can rely on to some extent if he’s ever going to attempt to take over the city of Chicago.

This suggests the casting of Power Book IV: Strength Season 2 will feature regular cast members Sikora, Lili Simmons (Claudia Flynn), Tommy Flanagan (Walter Flynn), Shane Harper (Vic Flynn), Isaac Keys (Diamond Sampson), Kris D. Lofton (Jenard Sampson) and Anthony Fleming (JP Gibbs), among others. But Starz has yet to reveal official casting information.

Next on Starz

While Power Book IV: Strength movies, fans can look forward to the return of Power Book III: Raising Kanan. Starring Mekai Curtis, it is the prequel series chronicling the life of Able antagonist Kanan Stark before his tragic murder in the original series. The show also ended with a major cliffhanger which saw Kanan flee New York following a botched hit on police officer Malcolm Howard. But fans can expect him to return this summer.

“Things are going to happen that, again, you’re going to see how it molds and molds Kanan and what it does to his psyche,” Curtis told Entertainment Weekly about Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 2. “Family is in a whole new space and different dynamic now, so they’re the ones navigating and figuring out where they can walk, where they can’t walk. There are a lot of complicated things going on. It’s wild.

Strength, Raising Kananand Power Book II: Ghost are all streaming now on Starz.

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