Gordhan’s conference descends into chaos, he is told he must resign

Gordhan lectured at the University’s School of Governance on Eskom, public entities and the effects of state capture.

He said Eskom’s coal supply chain had been severely corrupted, which had a disastrous impact on the state of power plants.

“Last night I had a meeting with a mining community to initiate a discussion on how to ensure the right quality of coal reaches the power stations. The coal supply chain has been corrupted so what we have in many cases it is coal mixed with rubble, with rock, coal even containing steel particles and in truckloads.In one case where I was informed of a pickaxe, this is what was found and then put into the power plant, and this is what causes an enormous amount of damage and failure to the system itself.

“The second issue is the corruption that still takes place in relation to the supply of fuel oil, the supply of parts, the maintenance contracts, the excessive prices that take place and there is now a lot of evidence around each of these issues Each of them means more money is spent than it should be. Sometimes the truck arrives full of fuel oil and someone at Eskom signs for it but is never delivered. The truck runs half full. turn and disappear.

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During the Q&A session, Witsies asked Gordhan about his role in what has become known as the “lost 9 years” during former President Jacob Zuma’s tenure.

He was then Minister of Finance.

The conference quickly descended into chaos as the students chanted “Pravin must go”.

The Department of Public Enterprises has since issued a statement condemning the incident “in the strongest terms”.

He says Gordhan wasn’t expelled.

“Let us underline this very clearly: the minister was not expelled. The Minister and DPE will not be intimidated,” the statement read.

“Let’s repeat, we will not be intimidated or threatened by their well-orchestrated performance. We will continue to fearlessly engage stakeholders across the country so that

Angela C. Hale