Harjinder Singh gives a talk at Eklavya’s birthday

On the occasion of the completion of 40 years of the educational organization Eklavya and 50 years of the Hoshangabad (Hovisika) science education program, the annual Hovisika lecture series was launched from this year, recalling this long journey.

Laltu (aka Harjinder Singh) delivered the first lecture of the Hovisika lecture series held at the State Museum, Bhopal on Saturday. Apart from being a scientist, Laltu is a well-known poet and writer of Hindi literature.

In his lectures, Laltu shared the scientific perspective, its importance and the links that scientific research has with our social existence and identity.

He said that scientific thinking is actually thinking to know and understand nature and continuously move towards creating a better world.

After the lecture, Anubhuti Sharma sang Kabir’s compositions in Nirgun Gayan. Holding different aspects of the human journey ahead of this Kainaat, Anubhuti beautifully presented basic human desires for love, peace and liberation through her singing.

At the beginning of the program, Shobha Bajpai, a teacher associated with Hovisika, gave information about the program. She emphasized that Hovishika was not just a distinct method of education, but a philosophy aimed at creating an educational ground for critical thinking and human values.

Hoshangabad Science Education Program (HOVISHika) started in 1972, continued till 2002 in over 200 public schools with innovative science education curriculum, emphasis is on developing a scientific attitude rather than memorizing scientific facts. As a result of learning from this program, Eklavya Sanstha has developed an innovative social science curriculum.

At present, Eklavya’s educational field experiments are taking place in many other states, including Madhya Pradesh.

Apart from this, Eklavya has also made her mark in publishing children’s literature and educational literature useful for teachers.

Angela C. Hale