Homeland Terrorism Conference – Leavenworth Times

Staff report

The seventh presentation in the InterAgency Brown-Bag Lecture Series for the 2022 CGSC academic year will take place at 12:30 p.m. on April 20 in the Arnold Lecture Hall at the Lewis and Clark Center in Fort Leavenworth.

A team from the Heart of America Joint Terrorism Task Force will provide insight into the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s domestic terrorism program.

The InterAgency Brown-Bag Lecture Series is co-hosted by the U.S. Army Command and General Staff School (CGSS) and the CGSC Foundation’s Arthur D. Simons Center for the Study of Ethical Leadership and Interagency Cooperation. The series is a topic-focused, interagency, extracurricular series that aims to enrich the CGSOC curriculum. Unless otherwise noted, presentations are scheduled monthly in the Arnold Conference Room at the Lewis and Clark Center in Fort Leavenworth.

Normally, all lectures in the InterAgency Brown-Bag Lecture Series are free and open to the public and, as the series’ moniker suggests, the lecture series is held in the traditional “brown bag lunch” format in which participants are welcome to bring their own lunches to the room. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, members of the public are currently not permitted to visit the Lewis and Clark Center, nor may attendees bring food or drink into the venue. Participation will be limited to Army University/CGSC faculty, staff and students. Due to the sensitive nature of the information and the people presenting it, presentations will not be videotaped or photographed.

Angela C. Hale