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CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Visceral fat can be notoriously hard to get rid of, but some of the latest research on the relationship between weight loss and infrared sauna use suggests that frequency might just be the best fat-buster yet!

For those who do not have a personal home infrared sauna unit and/or for those who are simply at an impasse in their current regimen and exercise endeavors who want more information on how the frequency can optimize physiology, House of Hertz Vibrational Wellness Studio will host a free lecture hour on July 27 at 5:30 p.m. titled “Problems in Tissue and How Infrared Can Help.”

Attendees can expect to hear the evidence behind the use of infrared sauna technology as it relates to detoxification, chronic pain, weight loss, nervous system function and more.

What exactly is infrared technology?

Infrared is an invisible wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum that humans do not visibly perceive as light, but rather as heat. Heat and thermogenesis upregulate metabolic processes that not only allow for increased caloric expenditure beneficial and necessary for weight loss, but also many other synergistic and supportive metabolic processes, such as detoxification, which are also conducive to the process.

If the research showing the potential to burn more than 600 calories per hour isn’t enticing enough, House of Hertz scientist Veronica Leslie Panagopoulos explained that even people who have already been successful in losing weight and/or those who have opted for gastric bypass surgery can still benefit from infrared technology due to its toxin-purging and healing qualities.

“The liver is often considered your #1 weapon for weight loss, but we think just as important as the condition of the liver is what the liver is breaking down,” she said. “Toxin-laden fatty tissue makes the liver work exponentially – once to burn fat, and again and again until it flushes out the toxins it contains. If we can limit how long this last , lipid metabolism becomes enormously more efficient.Targeting adipose tissue as an organ itself is the future of all tissue-based health outcomes.

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For those new to the concept of infrared, an impromptu Google search will easily yield the mass literature and publications surrounding the results, such as research conducted by none other than NASA, which concluded that the wavelengths of near infrared definitely favored faster cell regeneration, wound healing. and tissue growth. In fact, human cell growth increased by 155% to 171%, with wound size decreasing by an average of 36%.

Weight loss is the furthest thing from your mind? Panagopoulos said the impact of infrared on conditions such as autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, vascular conditions, traumatic brain injury and even depression will also be discussed in this lecture.

“The particular nanometer spectrum of infrared offered here at House of Hertz can penetrate and interact with every tissue in the body,” she added. “Infrared is, after all, part of the life force emitted by the Sun that sustains us! This conference is not about reinventing the wheel; just rediscover it.

If learning how physics can optimize physiology sounds like your idea of ​​a fabulous way to spend a Wednesday night, be sure to RSVP to Places will be limited; however, all attendees will receive a one-time offer of 50% off an upcoming infrared session. Guests will also have access to a free Q&A with Panagopoulos after the talk, where one-on-one consultation will be available.



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