How Netflix’s Heartstopper Fits Into Alice Oseman’s Book Universe

by Netflix Heart stroke is a faithful adaptation of Alice Oseman’s web comics, no doubt thanks to the fact that Oseman herself adapted the series for the screen. Comic book fans – about a budding gay romance between two British high school students – needn’t worry their favorite moments have been missed on TV. Important scenes from the first two volumes, from the ink blast to Charlie and Nick’s day in the snow, Harry’s party, the birthday bowling, the disastrous trip to the cinema, the school concert and more, are on screen alongside new moments featuring popular films. secondary characters Elle, Tao, Tara and Darcy.

Writer Oseman, director Euros Lyn (Doctor Who, happy valley, Cucumber, Its dark materials) and the production team have created such a faithful version of the source material that if viewers just watch the Netflix show, they won’t miss a single story or detail. If, however, some viewers are inspired to return to the original Oseman books and comics, here’s how the fictional world fits together.

How many Heartstopper books are there?

There are currently four graphic novel volumes Heart strokethe fifth and final volume due for publication in February 2023. Oseman’s first novel Lonely is about Tori Spring, Charlie’s older sister who appears as a background character in Heart stroke, played by Jenny Walser. As Oseman states on his website, Lonely has a completely different tone than Heart stroke and deals with difficult and mature subjects. There is no need to read Lonely to follow Heart stroke.

A Heart stroke new called charlie and nick was also released in 2020 (after its first release as Lonely e-book in 2015, as well as This winter, which follows the character of Tori Spring). There is also a Heart stroke coloring book and a yearbook containing bonus material which will be released in hardcover in October 2022.

Angela C. Hale