How to Watch the ‘Letter to a Stranger’ Book Club Party

Authors Pico Iyer, Maggie Shipstead and Michelle Tea and editor Colleen Kinder will join the LA Times Book Club on May 26 to discuss “Letter to a Stranger: Essays to Those Who Haunt Us.”

You can watch the conversation starting at 6:00 p.m. PT on YouTube, Twitter or facebook.

time traveler writer Christopher Reynolds, who recently wrote about California’s 101 Best Experiences, is the guest interviewer for the evening. Sign up on Eventbrite for direct viewing links and autographed books from all four contributors.

In a season when many are once again daring to travel, “Letter to a Stranger” reminds us of the wonderful ways in which serendipity can strike when we leave familiar surroundings.

Iyer, Shipstead and Tea are among 65 writers who have written essays about unforgettable encounters that changed their lives in unexpected ways.

The essays, rarely longer than a few pages, transport the reader to destinations near and far, from the Obyggdasetur Islands in Iceland to an abandoned inn in the Peruvian Andes to a research station in Antarctica. The essayists recall the bonds they forged while backpacking through Asia, working on cruise ships, taking a Paris taxi, or traveling to ancestral lands.

“I think what surprised and humbled me in editing the collection was just what a wide range of alien dynamics people chose to explore,” Kinder said in a new interview. She expected the writers to explore “the sense of openness you feel with strangers – the fact that it’s often easier to be honest with someone you’ll never see again than it is. a recurring figure in your life”. Only a few authors directly address the topic of “strangers on a train”, while many define the word “stranger” more loosely.

“Letter to a Stranger” is the LA Times Book Club’s May selection.

Travel writer Christopher Reynolds, seen here in Monument Valley.

Travel writer Christopher Reynolds, seen here in Monument Valley, has written about travel, the outdoors and culture for The Times since 1990.

(Mark Boster for The Times)

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Angela C. Hale