I used to come out of lecture halls to masturbate – Gospel Musician

Entertainment on Friday August 19, 2022

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Gospel Artist, Eric Jeshurun ​​Okyere

On August 19, 2019, gospel musician, Eric Jeshurun ​​Okyere recalled the times when he used to walk out of a class to go masturbate.

The artist revealed his secret to encouraging young people involved in immoral acts to seek both psychological and spiritual help.

Read the full story originally published August 19, 2019 by zionfelix.net.com.

Gospel musician Eric Jeshurun ​​Okyere recounted his dark days when he struggled with masturbation.

Jeshurun, who was introduced to the act during his high school days, became extremely addicted to the point that he sometimes had to leave lecture halls to masturbate when he got to college.

Jeshurun ​​is now a musician and pastor who is dedicated to helping young people fight all types of addictions.
Speaking to Zionfelix on his Uncut show, he encouraged people under the bondage of all sorts of vices to seek both psychological and spiritual help.

He also asked parents to be extra vigilant and know exactly what their wards are exposed to. Jeshurun ​​Okyere hosted this year’s edition of its annual August Worship on Sunday, August 18 at the Maker’s House Chapel.


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