It’s not summer without you Book spoilers

Have you obsessively watched the Amazon Prime Video series “The Summer I Turned Pretty” based on Jenny Han’s novel? U.S. too. The series was available to stream from June 7, and hopeless romantics couldn’t get enough of the dramatic teen romance and love triangle that lead character, Isabel (Belly) experienced. Thankfully, the show’s second season is already in production (woohoo!) and will use events from Han’s second novel, “It’s Not Summer Without You,” for the plot. Can’t wait for season two? Read the book spoilers ahead to get an idea of ​​where Belly’s story may go.

“It’s not summer without you” Summary

The novel begins a year after “The Summer I Got Pretty” ended, with Belly dreaming of being back at Cousins ​​Beach with the Fishermen. Much to her dismay, she returns to find that she is actually in her hometown with friends from school. We learn right away that Belly and Conrad aren’t together, that she isn’t planning a trip to Cousins ​​for the summer, and that Susannah is dead. Conrad and Belly stayed in touch throughout the school year and even spent time together while Conrad drove to visit her, but their romance ended in May.

“It’s Not Summer Without You” jumps between present and past throughout the book, and even switches narrators. Thanks to Jeremiah and Conrad, we learn more about their perspective on Susannah’s death and how that loss impacted their lives and their relationship with Belly. At Susannah’s funeral, Belly catches Conrad in her room with another girl, and they argue in which Belly tells Conrad to go to hell and that she hates him. Conrad counters by telling Belly that he should never have started a romance with her, as she is only a child.

Flashing forward, Jeremiah calls Belly to inform him that Conrad is missing and that Jeremiah needs his help to find him. Conrad’s midterm exams are coming up and he has to be at school to take them. On her road trip with Jeremiah to find him, Belly gives readers more insight into what happened between her and Conrad. First, before Susannah died, she made Belly promise that she would always take care of Conrad, no matter how much he pushed her away. Second, we learn the night they broke up. Conrad took Belly to her prom and, after acting strange all night, broke up with her without explanation.

After showing up at Conrad’s college to look for him, they encounter Conrad’s friend, who mentions that the missing teenager was heading for the beach. Jeremiah and Belly realize that Conrad has returned to Cousins. Unlike the TV series, the college trip is where Belly finds Conrad’s infinity necklace and puts it on without asking his permission. When Belly and Jeremiah later arrive at the beach house, Conrad is there and unhappy to see them both. For days, the trio argue over Conrad skipping his midterms. Eventually, the truth comes out: Conrad and Jeremiah’s father, Adam Fisher, is selling the beach house, and Conrad is there to stop that from happening.

The trio throw a big party at the beach house, during which Belly gets drunk and calls her mother, Laurel. Through drunken tears, Belly begs Laurel to come to Cousins ​​and stop Adam from selling the house. Laurel arrives and she convinces Adam to give Conrad and Jeremiah the house instead, waiting for Conrad to return to school to complete his midterms.

Jeremiah and Belly drive Conrad to campus, but not before sharing a kiss. Conrad and Belly argue over her moment with Jeremiah, and Conrad tells her that she belongs to his brother. Conrad also tells Belly that he no longer has feelings for her. The book ends with Jeremiah bringing Belly home, and the two holding hands after Jeremiah confesses he wants to be with her.

The third and final installment in Han’s book series, “We’ll Always Have Summer,” wraps up the entire Cousins ​​Crew saga – but we’ll have to wait to see that on the small screen!

Angela C. Hale