J&K Innovative Foundation Hosts National Teachers’ Day Webinar Conference

Srinagar, 06 September: As part of its educational initiatives, the J&K Innovative Foundation has organized a special webinar conference on the occasion of National Teachers’ Day.

The webinar was attended by Professor (Dr) Muhammad Amin Malik (academician, researcher, columnist and director of the College) as the main guest; Dr. Tasaduk Hussain Itoo (renowned physician, educator and columnist) as guest of honor including teachers and students.

Opening the session and addressing the occasion, Dr Tasaduk said that the main purpose of celebrating Teachers’ Day is to honour, respect and value the efforts of teachers – who work tirelessly to nation building by revolutionizing education and creating a positive impact in the lives of students.

“The Day is of crucial importance in the life of every student to realize the value of their teachers – to honor them for the great work they do for humanity and social development,” he said. .

He said that teachers are veritable oceans of knowledge and wisdom and serve as a source of enlightenment and success in our lives, in addition to playing a pivotal role in building our careers and achieving our goals. dreams and aspirations.

“Being originally a doctor by profession – I would feel emulated, honored and passionate to be an educator and believe that a doctor should first be a good educator to effectively educate and counsel the patient.”, a- he declared.

Dr Itoo said that an effective teaching-learning process involves developing a positive teacher-student relationship – which has a great impact on the student’s life in achieving all educational dimensions, be they be academic, moral, social, ethical, mental, emotional and intellectual.

“Mutual respect, trust, and understanding are important in strengthening a teacher-student relationship, and teachers can easily win the hearts of their students, and students are more likely to respect, listen to, and obey their teachers , if both engage and positively connect with each other.”

The guest speaker, Dr. Muhammad Amin Malik gave a detailed presentation on the subject and said that teaching is a mission and teachers should fulfill this mission. “A teacher is not an employee but a nation builder,” he said.

Emphasizing the role of teachers, he said that in addition to teaching, teachers must organize seminars, workshops and events on all issues to inspire students for our sustainable life.

Appreciating the efforts of faculty, Dr. Malik said good teachers should be rewarded to build their morale and confidence, which can have a positive influence on society as a whole.

He said that as an academic administrator, he had developed the physical infrastructure and academic ecosystem at GDC Bandipora and was largely successful in his attempts, but said that was actually the teaching experience of the past 2.5 decades from which he had gained some recognition.

He said he would feel honored to be a teacher and would have had the opportunity to teach in different colleges, conduct research, organize events and programs, write articles in newspapers.

Angela C. Hale