KNK gives a lecture on the policy of annihilation against the Kurds – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

The lecture organized at Reading Park in the city of Qamnishlo was given by Abdul Samad Musa and Abdul Salam Ahmed.

The conference brought together a number of representatives from the self-government bodies of northern and eastern Syria, civil society foundations, feminist institutions and intellectuals’ unions.

Abdul Salam Ahmed, representative of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria in Lebanon, said that it is not only the enemy who harms the Kurdish people, there are also Kurdish parties who have conflicts.

Ahmed said: ”In South Kurdistan there are two sides, the disputes between them led to the occupation of Kirkuk where there are currently cultural and physical genocides committed by the Turkish occupation state. ”

”In 2007, the Kurdistan Democratic Party besieged Southern Kurdistan to restrain the guerrilla fighters of the time. At present, PDK should relinquish its dependence and affiliation with the Turkish state. he should renounce family and partisan interests,” he said.

For his part, Abdul Samad Musa, representative of the Kurdistan Civil Society Coordination in Rojavai Kurdistan, said: “The Kurdish people in history have always been a source of peace and creation of civilization. Kurdistan is the focus of all aspirants and occupiers for its wealth and resources”.

Musa noted that the Turkish occupation state and capitalist powers are targeting all people in the region and the Middle East and are committing cultural genocide.



Angela C. Hale