KU Holds National Education Policy-2020 Extension Conference

The Department of Education of the University of Kashmir on Friday organized a popularization conference on the new National Education Policy-2020.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Nilofer Khan chaired the event as the chief guest and highlighted the efforts made by University of Kashmir as well as UT of Jammu and Kashmir for implementation harmony of the NEP-2020.

Referring to the tasks ahead with regard to the implementation of the NEP, Prof. Nilofer highlighted the role of academia in making this new academic model feasible with inter-institutional collaborations at the university and college levels.

“The Ministry of Education has a key role to play in guiding the university and policy makers in the successful implementation of new models and policies related to academia,” she said.

Prof. Ashok Kumar Gadiya, President of Meewar University of Rajasthan then delivered the extension lecture and highlighted the key features of NEP-2020 vis-à-vis higher education.

Discussing in detail the “vision plan” for stakeholders to implement the various recommendations of NEP-2020, Prof. Gadiya focused on the concept of multidisciplinary universities and the need for each university to undertake interdisciplinary research within the framework of NEP-2020.

He also stressed the need to attract international students to universities to end what he called “the transfer of human labor to other countries”.

In her welcome address, the Director of the Department of Education, Prof. Tasleema Jan, called the National Education Policy 2020 “a landmark document in the context of nation building.” She said that this policy should overhaul the entire educational system of the country, starting from its fundamental level.

Dr Manzoor Ahmad Rather moderated the lecture session, which ended with a vote of thanks from Dr Mohammad Amin Dar. A detailed report was jointly prepared by Dr. Kaunsar, Dr. Sabahat Aslam, Rukshsana Bashir and Syed Inshaallah Tahir

Angela C. Hale