Mike Hawthorne releases royalty statement for comic, goes viral


comic book creator mike hawthorne tweeted a recent pay slip from an anonymous comic book publisher, saying “I’m not trying to spill tea, but that’s why many comic artists die poor and cynical.” It shows a comic’s royalties totaling $354.65 with deductions for prior payments and advances of $353.21, leaving a total of $1.44 payable to the creator.

But how much were these installments? And when were they made? How much is left to repay? Hawthorne states “This advance was earned many years ago. The advance was very meager to begin with…this advance tax (the $350) is on an advance that would have been earned many years ago. This is a decade+ old book collected… This book sold well for years. This book made money years ago. It was also cast in a movie.

Mike Hawthone recently took to Kickstarter campaigns to fund his work. But as he points out, “I just finished my 8th campaign, and more are on the way. But shit, I could make more on Amazon or sell hot dogs.” As the tweet went viral, Mike Hawthorne posted “Wow I wish you liked my art so much”. It also helped that Stephen King retweeted it.

A lot of people wonder what the book is, and Mike Hawthorne doesn’t say. But Bleeding Cool will, that’s 3 days in Europe, written with Anthony Johnstonpublished by Oni Press in 2002, Jennifer Garnier was attached to produce and star alongside Hugh Jackman in 2008 and 2009, Dan McDermott wrote the screenplay. That was some time ago, of course. It remains one of my favorite comics. You can buy a copy here – although how much Johnston and Hawthorne will reach is pretty much uncertain. Instead, you can find Mike Hawthorne’s crowdfunding campaigns here when he has them and his previous successful campaign projects for sale here, and his Patreon here.

Oh yes, and he draws the principal Batman comic book for DC Comics. So he should be fine. Still, $1.44 royalty…

Mike Hawthorne releases royalty statement for comic, goes viral

Three days in Europe
Jack loves his job as a publicist. Jack also loves rock and roll. He particularly likes QED. Finally, Jack loves Jill. Jill loves her job at the art gallery. She loves unique visions and especially Jill loves Jack. But love is never easy and lately things have been tough for the couple. Fortunately, Jack has the perfect solution! He’s planned Jill’s dream vacation – Paris, for a Valentine’s Day weekend, with invite-only gallery passes – it’ll be a total surprise. Jill has been busy too. She booked them a secret trip to London with tickets to a very special QED show. There is only one problem: both journeys must start on the same night! When an incident at the airport sends the couple to different destinations, Jack finds himself in the middle of a dastardly plot to hijack the gallery’s award-winning exhibit. Meanwhile, Jill finds herself in London and in no time she finds herself on the arm of one of the guys in the group! Can Jack and Jill get out of their respective predicaments and find themselves in each other’s arms?

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