Moon Knight’s Biggest Insult References His Comic Book Origin

An easy-to-ignore insult during Disney+’s first episode of Moon Knight could be a key clue to the character’s mystical origins.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Moon Knight Episode 1, “The Goldfish Trouble,” now streaming on Disney+.

At the start of the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Moon Knight, Steven Grant talks to a little girl about ancient Egyptian burial rituals, how the dead were judged by the purity of their hearts and only the most worthy could “pass through the field of reeds”. The little girl comes back with a sick burn, asking Steven if it sucked when he was kicked out of Reed Field. He considers this nonsense since he is not dead. However, this could be a nod to Moon Knight’s comic book origins.

According to the comics, Steven Grant, or rather Marc Spector, was born to parents who escaped Nazi persecution. During his childhood, traumatic events caused him to develop dissociative identity disorder, leading him to take on the aliases of two men: Steven Grant and Jake Lockley. Marc eventually enrolled in the Marine Corps and later joined the CIA. After leaving the CIA, he will work as a mercenary where he is close to death. It was then that he met the Moon God, Khonshu who gave him the power of Moon Knight.

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oscar isaac as steven grant in moon knight

While audiences have yet to meet Marc Spector on the Disney+ series, they’ve seen the consequences of his actions through the confused eyes of his socially awkward alter alias, Steven Grant, a gift shop employee in the National Art Gallery in London. Also, Marc’s Moon Knight transformation hasn’t been fully exposed either. That said, the little girl’s comment on Steven’s rejection from the afterlife may be a glimpse into what happened to him before the events of the series.

Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow actually supports this theory. Harrow is the leader of a cult that worships the Egyptian goddess Ammit, who seems to have lent Harrow some of her power, namely to absorb the souls of those who fail the test of judgment. During one of Marc’s sleeping episodes, Harrow recognized him as a mercenary who stole the Golden Scarab.

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Three days later, Marc, as Steven, encounters Harrow again at the National Art Gallery. When confronted, Harrow performs the test on Steven and concludes that Steven had a large amount of inner chaos. Additionally, the Cult of Harrow is known to have many secret members, similar to Hydra. With that in mind, it’s also possible that the girl at the start is a member of Harrow’s cult.

While many observers may simply view the little girl’s remarks as nothing more than a sarcastic insult hurled at the hapless Steven Grant, it’s possible it serves a deeper purpose. Since Marc became Moon Knight by dying and being resurrected by Khonshu in the comics, it makes sense that he was rejected from moving on to the afterlife. As for how she would know, the little girl might have ties to Arthur Harrow’s cult of Ammit, not only deepening the plot, but also making watchers wonder who Moon Knight really is.

The first episode of Moon Knight is currently available on Disney+, with new episodes on Wednesdays.

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