New Book Explains Why Metadata Matters

CHICAGO, April 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Author John Horodyski, Executive Managing Director of Salt Flats, today released his latest book, Metadata issues, which demystifies metadata and makes it the foundation of digital strategy. This new book shares everything readers need to know about metadata, what it is, how to use and manage it, with real-life examples showing the impact metadata has on our professional and personal lives.

According to Horodyski, “Understanding metadata is not just the responsibility of marketing technologists, data management professionals, or anyone working in a digital job. Metadata is more than data about data, and everyone has a responsibility to manage them,” he added. “Metadata impacts all of our personal and business data, and yet it is still poorly understood, if not known at all. Understanding and managing metadata is critical because it empowers our content and all aspects of digital operations, from creation to discovery through dissemination.”

In his book, Horodyski makes the case for metadata as fundamental to current and future business operations and sustainable growth. Specifically, he argues that metadata management should be an ongoing business strategy, continuing well beyond the initial creation of data and content to ensure that metadata remains current, meaningful and actionable in the ever-changing digital landscape. .

“If data is the language upon which modern society will be built, then metadata is its grammar,” continues Horodyski. “Metadata provides the construction of meaning, the construction of content, and the ability to understand what data means to each of us. Effectively managing data through metadata is what truly connects everyone’s experiences.”

Metadata issues offers practical advice, best practices, and actionable insights needed to begin effective metadata management. The book covers a variety of topics in its chapters, including:

  • Metadata management as an ongoing business strategy, continuing well beyond initial content creation to ensure that metadata remains current, meaningful and actionable in the ever-changing digital landscape.
  • Use metadata as the foundation for AI (artificial intelligence) and NFT development to ensure your content is managed, securely governed, and accessible.
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion must be addressed in metadata, ultimately preventing a company from landing on the front pages with potentially inappropriate, non-inclusive and disrespectful language buried in their company data.

Metadata issues, published by Francis & Taylor (CRC Press), is available now on Amazon. For the most up-to-date information on scheduling speaking engagements, book signing events, presentations, and in-person and corporate workshops, please contact Salt Flats.

About the Author
John Horodyski, MLIS, MAS, is Executive Managing Director at Salt Flats, with executive management strategy experience in information management, including digital asset management (DAM), metadata and taxonomy design, content strategy, development corporate marketing technology governance and strategy. John is one of the world’s foremost metadata and DAM experts and has provided strategic direction and advice to various Fortune 500 clients. John is also an adjunct faculty member at San Jose State University, where he teaches a graduate course in DAM. In addition to his regular training and public speaking on digital media and metadata, John is a board member/metadata editor for the Journal of Digital Media Management, and a monthly columnist and contributor to CMS Wire.

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