Noel Pearson to deliver the 2022 Boyer Lecture

Noel Pearson, a lawyer, academic, land rights activist and Indigenous community leader, was confirmed this week to deliver the Boyer Conference 2022 series on ABC.

His series of four lectures, broadcast on ABC platforms, will provide key insights into the insights, observations and experiences of one of our most recognized public intellectuals. One of the lectures will air on ABC TV later this year.

ABC President Ita Buttrose said: “Noel has been an extraordinary force in representing our First Nations people and leading the conversation on issues that affect all Australians.

“He will deliver a thought-provoking series of lectures that will challenge and encourage ideas about who we all are and how we see ourselves as a nation today and in the future.

“I am delighted that he accepted our invitation. This is a must-attend event for anyone who cares about our development as a nation.

“I will reflect on where we have been since the 1968 WEH Stanner Post-Dream Boyer Lectures, which I consider to be the greatest of the Boyers and still as vital today as they were when they were first presented,” said Noel Pearson.

“My lectures will look at where we are today and what lies ahead, for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and for Australians in general.”

This series will mark a return to the Boyer lectures for Noel who, in 1993, delivered one of five lectures with Getano Lui, Dr. Ian Anderson, Jeannie Bell, Mandawuy Yunupingu and Dot West. This lecture, entitled Voices of the Land or Towards Respecting Equality and Difference was delivered following the Mabo decision in 1992, then Prime Minister Paul Keating’s Redfern speech the same year and the ensuing national debate on the Native Title Act.

Noel Pearson comes from the Guugu Yimidhirr community of Hope Vale on the Cape York Peninsula. He is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of the Cape York Partnership, a non-profit organization working to empower Indigenous families and communities in Cape York and Cairns to break the cycle of disadvantage.

He is founder and co-chairman of Good to Great Schools Australia, a non-profit organization that aims to support Australian education systems and communities to help their schools deliver successful 21st century programs.

Noel also co-founded the Cape York Land Council and helped found the Apunipima Health Council, the Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation and the Indigenous Enterprise Partnerships.

He was a member of the Panel on the Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous Australians and the Referendum Council. The panel investigated whether the Federal Constitution should be amended to recognize Indigenous peoples in Australia. The panel delivered its report entitled Recognizing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the Constitution to Prime Minister Julia Gillard in January 2012.

The Boyer Lecture Series, named after former ABC President Sir Richard Boyer, is a series of radio lectures by a prominent Australian invited to express their thoughts on major social, cultural, scientific or political issues.

Angela C. Hale