North Platte Town Hall Lecture Series

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – The North Platte Community Playhouse hosted the first Town Hall Lecture Series of the 2022-23 season. The North Platte City Hall Lecture Series has brought informative speakers from around the world to the North Platte audience. Tuesday’s speaker was Mark Nutsch, who helped lead a 12-man US special forces team on a covert mission in Afghanistan to topple the Taliban.

Nutsch’s mission was considered one of the most successful unconventional warfare campaigns in modern history. Their efforts were recognized to the point where they made a great movie called “12 Strong” where Nutsch was portrayed by well-known actor Chris Hemsworth.

The mission was given to Nutsch shortly after the attack on American soil on 9/11. His team was the first special forces group deployed to the Middle East to fight off the attack to help prevent future attacks. During their first 24 days, they traveled on horses provided by locals.

“Growing up in ranching, it felt like fate when I found out we would be riding there,” Nutsch said.

There, Nutsch said they faced problems.

“We faced a lot of adversity, whether it was terrain, altitude, snow, many minefields, we had to deal with crossing the mountains on horseback, it was extremely difficult”, Nutsch said. “We lost about 20-25 pounds of body weight in the first month on the ground burning a lot of calories and only running a few hours of sleep.”

Nutsch and his team couldn’t survive alone; they also had to rely on the collaborative support of the inhabitants.

“Special Forces work primarily by, with, or through a local partner, and you are truly a force multiplier,” Nutsch said. “You’re a diplomat there, you’re not just a soldier, and it’s really about empowering local people to be part of the solution to their problems. They can do it better than us, instead of trying to impose a solution that may not fit the customs, culture or that particular community. »

Nutsch’s conference took place two days after the 21st anniversary of 9/11. While he earned a Bronze Star with bravery for his bravery and now serves as a consultant to Special Operations Command, he mentioned that nothing was possible without his “teammates”.

Angela C. Hale