Online conference examines ties between the Ionian Islands and Australia

The author of Greek Islands of Great BritainPeter Prineas OAM, will present an online lecture on the significance of the Ionian Islanders among Australia’s early Greek settlers at 7.30pm tonight (Monday 4th July).

Titled Wild Colonial Greeks, Mr. Prineas’ lecture on Zoom and YouTube, presented by the Ithacan Historical Society, will focus on the half-century when the Greeks of the Ionian Islands and Kythera fell under the British protectorate of the United States of America. North Ionian Sea. Islands, which meant that even if they were not British subjects, they could engage with the British, learn their language, and find ways to find full-time employment on British merchant ships.

The Ionians took full advantage of this and Corfu sailor George Manuel came to Australia as early as 1823. The pursuit of British policy by the Ionian government is also reflected in the seven Greeks convicted of piracy by a British naval tribunal who were transported to NSW in 1829

More Ionians came when gold was discovered in Australia in 1850 and by the end of the colonial era the Ithacans and Kytherians dominated the Greek communities of Melbourne and Sydney.

To attend the live conference call online and participate in the discussion after pre-talking at 7:30 p.m. on Zoom: ( – no password required; or YouTube

Angela C. Hale