Online Lecture: “The Destruction of Smyrna – A Time of Nation Building and Violence”

Associate Professor Nicholas Doumanis will present an online-only lecture on the destruction of Smyrna, as part of Greek History and Culture Seminars, offered by the Melbourne Greek Community.

September 2022 marks the centenary of the destruction of the Aegean port of Smyrna. A cosmopolitan city in which Greeks formed the largest community, it was violently transformed into a predominantly Turkish city within three weeks.

The conference will cover the event between September 9, when Turkish nationalist troops marched into the city and October 1, when the Greek population of Smyrna was expelled.

Why did a prosperous city become the main victim of Greek-Turkish hostilities?

The lecture will recount the events and discuss the global significance of the destruction of Smyrna, and what it said about the great and dramatic global shift from a world of empires to a world of nations.

Professor Nick Doumanis. Photo: Supplied

Nick Doumanis teaches history at the University of New South Wales. He is the author of the last volume of The Edinburgh History of the Greeks, with Emeritus Professor Antonis Liakos of the University of Athens, which looks back on the history of Greece, Cyprus and the diaspora from 1912 to our days. It will appear in 2023. The Greek translation of his Avant la nation (2013), which deals with Greek life in the late Ottoman Empire, has just been published in Athens by Papadopoulos Press (Find out more: /shop/ biblia-gia-enilikes/istoria-martyries/prin-apo-tin-katastrofi/)

When: June 2, 2022, 7 p.m.

Online platforms: facebook and youtube

Angela C. Hale