Padma Shri Dr Mukesh Batra lectures at KU

“Be visionaries, not dreamers”: Padma Shri Dr Mukesh Batra delivers a lecture at KU

Posted by RK News on Monday November 7th, 2022

Srinagar, November 6: World renowned homeopathic doctor, Padma Shri Dr Mukesh Batra, considered the pioneer of homeopathy in India, delivered a special lecture at the University of Kashmir.

The conference titled “Positive Mental Attitude for Healthy Mind and Body” was organized by the Department of Psychology.

Sharing his life experiences at the comprehensive lecture attended by students from various educational departments, Dr. Batra said, “The most important thing in life is to believe in what you are doing and to have the passion to do things. Whatever you do, do it with confidence. Always aim high but when you do, keep your feet on the ground. Don’t be a dreamer, be a visionary.

Urging young people not to be afraid of chess, Dr Batra said: “The stigma associated with chess must be removed. Try again and again to be there. Persevere. Follow things through.

Dr. Batra, 2021 Padma Shri recipient, has nearly 50 years of experience in medical practice and has worked tirelessly for “Bimari-Mukt Bharat”. He runs more than 175 free clinics in 133 cities across the country and strives to successfully combine the latest technologies with homeopathy.

Dr. Batra also educated participants on how to overcome stress using different coping strategies, while advising young people on how to become “more accommodating” and “more understanding” in a world full of challenges, possibilities and opportunities.

Earlier, the Head of Department of Psychology, Dr. Humaira Shafi, welcomed and introduced the guest speaker and outlined the objectives of the program.

“Given the pressures we all face in our daily lives, anxieties and stress become unavoidable, and it is here that the role of a positive attitude becomes all the more important,” she said. .

Dean School of Behavioral Sciences Prof Showket A Shah and faculty members from the Department of Psychology were present on the occasion.

Angela C. Hale