Politics and murder in the sequel book by Southend author Paul Ilett

SOUTHEND author Paul Ilett’s latest book is out, and it’s a whodunit not to be missed.

The book, Exposed, is a sequel to her first book Exposé, released in 2014.

Her first novel has sold over 35,000 copies worldwide.

Paul explained why his second book took eight years.

“I took a break from writing after my first novel, and then a few other things happened that prevented me from devoting time to writing another book, and that included two years of study for a master’s degree. But eventually things settled down and I was able to start book number two,” Paul said.

Paul, 52, lives in Southend with her husband Gerry. The couple have been together for 26 years and have been carers for 16 years.

In her new book, Exposed, a serial killer targets people connected to the salacious right-wing tabloid, the Daily Ear, and journalist Valerie Pierce fears she may be next.

But when no one believes her, not even the police, she teams up with her personal nemesis, gay TV actor Adam Jaymes, to catch the killer herself.

“Some characters that were in my first book return for the sequel, but there are also many colorful new characters, including Lucy Strickland, who has become the weekly columnist for the Daily Ear. Lucy uses half-truths and inflammatory language to enrage its readers on a range of topics, and most of them target minority groups,” he said.

He likes to weave real political events into his books, like the phone-hacking scandal, the EU referendum, and the rise of Donald Trump to the presidency.

“What I have seen is a frightening shift to the right in the content of many national newspapers, with journalists using increasingly aggressive and negative rhetoric, particularly towards vulnerable minority groups. And so Lucy Strickland personifies this shift to the right and the terrible impact it has had on the lives of many communities,” Paul said.

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Angela C. Hale