Pride Month Lecture – “A Night in Peterborough” by Professor Lisa Crooms-Robinson

Join historic Alexandria as we celebrate Pride Month in June. Lisa Crooms-Robinson, a law professor at Howard University School of Law, lectures on the 1954 MacDowell Colony Scholars, including the jurist, gender equality advocate, and later priest Episcopal Pauli Murray and author James Baldwin as the colony’s first two blacks. artists. Both artists would now identify as LGBT. Murray went to seminary here in Alexandria at Virginia Theological Seminary. In 1954, Murray was at MacDowell to complete his family autobiography, “Proud Shoes.” Baldwin was there to complete “Giovanni’s Room”. His lecture uses the photo above, the two books, and additional writings from both to imagine a conversation between Murray and Baldwin about the Brown v. Board of Education of May 1954 and broader issues of equality, identity and citizenship. Professor Crooms-Robinson teaches Constitutional Law, Gender and Law, International Human Rights Law, Supreme Court jurisprudence and a course titled “Equality According to Pauli”. She is an internationally recognized expert on race, gender and human rights.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m./Conference starts at 7 p.m. $10, Tickets available here.

Angela C. Hale