Robin Montgomery and his daughter Joy take part in the Saturday autograph session

On December 14, 1837, Montgomery County became the third county formed in the Republic of Texas, after Houston and Fanin counties. Within its original boundaries were all or parts of five other later counties. These were Grimes, Walker, San Jacinto, Madison and Waller. Montgomery County basically extended from Brazos to Trinty from west to east and finally from Spring Creek to Old San Antonio Road (now Texas 21) from south to north.

Significantly, this original county existed for almost the entire span of the Republic of Texas which lasted from 1836 to 1846. It was in 1846 that the territory of the original county began to expire when the counties de Grimes and de Walker emerged that year.

This writer referred to the original county area as the “Cradle of Texas Road”. This name comes from the saga of René Robert Cavelier Sieur de La Salle. As an intruder in the area in the 1680s, when it was claimed by Spain, his presence led the Spanish to establish a mission near the La Salle rumbles area which took the name San Francisco de las Tejas. Tejas in English is Texas.

Thus, La Salle’s presence caused events leading to the naming of Texas, and the site where he died is near Navasota, part of the original Montgomery County. Also in this area are many sites that reflect events associated with the Republic of Texas era. Space permits to mention just a few.

The March 2, 1836 Texas Declaration of Independence was prepared on March 1 through the Brazos from Washington in our birthplace region. A few days later, on March 6, the Alamo fell, where all Texas fighters inside died. Or did they? No, history tells us that one of them, Moses Rose, escaped to tell the story to Abraham Zuber, then in residence near present-day Shiro in original Montgomery County.

As all Texans know, the great Sam Houston, the liberator and two-time President of the Republic of Texas, is buried in our Cradle area of ​​Huntsville, a community where he spent quality time, associated with several homes .

Many current key people from the Cradle region, mayors and other city and county officials, representatives of the Sons and Daughters of the Republic of Texas and many others gathered in Conroe in 2013 and Montgomery in April of this year.

In preparation for these events, this author and his daughter, Joy, co-wrote two books on the subject, the latest titled “Cradle of the Texas Republic,

Arcadia Press. This Saturday, we’ll be at the 2nd and Charles Bookstore, 1306 W. Davis, near the I-45 underpass, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to tour and sign. Hope to see you there.

Dr. Robin Montgomery is a Montgomery County native, historian, retired professor, author and columnist for The Courier.

Angela C. Hale