Sister Wives fans ‘cringe’ as Kody Brown gives kids ‘TMI’ lecture on ‘poo’ habits in resurfaced clip

SISTER Wives fans are cringing as they watch a resurfaced scene of Kody Brown giving his kids a lecture on good bathroom habits during the pandemic.

The star has sparked controversy for years over his behavior both on and off television.


Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Gave Her Kids a Toilet Paper Tutorial Last YearCredit: TLC
Fans called him


Fans called him a ‘cringe’ for the conferenceCredit: TLC

Now Kody, 53, has faced backlash over an old clip from the TLC show where he taught his kids a lesson about their poo habits.

In the video, the Sister Wives star sat down with her family to explain that they would be “rationing” toilet paper due to misuse.

“I don’t blame anyone but when I have to plunge a toilet because half a roll is in the toilet,” he began.

Kody then demonstrated that his children shouldn’t completely wrap the paper around their hands.

Sister Wives fans in shock after discovering the side job
Sister Wives fans slam Kody for having

“I realize it prevents your fingers from growing, but it’s a huge waste.

“You should get a good wipe and that’s it,” he explained.

Kody continued: “Now a square is way too small, that’s the way to be stingy and we’re not going to be stingy.

“I think realistically I could survive on four, but five will probably be appropriate.”

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The TV personality then proceeded to fold the paper before adding, “And then once you’re done, knock.

“If you’re really good and skilled, you might be able to get three wipes out of it.”


Fans were stunned by the clip as they rushed to Reddit to rip Kody as “cringe” for conversation.

“Why is he so horribly disgusting!” we wrote with a puking emoji.

“He’s pretty rude and disgusting without this little lecture about toilet paper…after saying he’s probably tired of the toilet clogging or the traps backing up or whatever…” a second ranted.

A third agreed: ‘Everything about him is repulsive’, while a fourth noted: ‘The irony of a man who has made many huge financial decisions is worried about the amount of toilet paper used in the home …”

“I could honestly live without knowing this information, which is now etched in my mind forever,” one remarked.


Kody shocked fans with his on-screen choices, but recently fans tore him apart for also having what they called “disturbing” off-camera side work.

The first episode of Sister Wives last month showed the show’s cast discussing what they did before joining.

Kody didn’t elaborate on what he did before landing the gig, however, he hinted that he was in publicity and sales.

Still, it was still unclear what he actually does for a living outside of being a TV personality on the show, until fans spotted him in his alleged side job selling books. fire arms.

On Reddit, a user shared a post found on Facebook that revealed Kody’s concert.

“An unexpected [Kody] observation,” a screenshot of the post began.

He continued, “We live in southwest Missouri…and my husband spent last weekend in Tulsa Oklahoma for their annual gun show.

“It’s a big deal, massive and has over 4,000 tables on 11 acres.”

Along with the event description, the original Facebook user shared four photos of Kody working at one of the booths.

The Brown family patriarch wore a black T-shirt and jeans for the big gathering.

He moved all around his table as he spoke with attendees and seemed to be trying to give them his best sales pitch.

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In the snaps, he could be seen smiling and laughing, as well as organizing all his gun gear.

Sister Wives fans were shocked to find out about this selling position from Kody’s and criticized him for taking it.

Fans recently spotted Kody selling guns


Fans recently spotted Kody selling guns
They called him


They called it ‘disturbing’ for having the side job
The TV star has been constantly criticized for her decisions


The TV star has been constantly criticized for her decisionsCredit: TLC

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