Strathmore Wheatland Community Gathers for Book Sale –

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and a change of venue, the Growing Families Society 5 for Life Community Book Sale was a great success.

The books sold for $1 or 50 cents for children’s books and thanks to generous donations from the Strathmore and Wheatland County community, the sale raised $1,400.

5 Debbie Taylor of the For Life Early Childhood Coalition explained that the book sale takes place once a year.

“We only have one a year at the end of January.” She noted that it started as a way to support Family Literacy Day, which takes place the first week of February.

In the past, the province has funded more than 100 coalitions similar to 5 for Life, where the focus is on children ages zero to five.

“We are one of the few remaining coalitions. We are all volunteers. There are no paid staff, so the funds go directly to the community,” Taylor said.

5 Foe Life organizes a number of community events such as workshops for children and their caregivers.

On February 10, they will have a gymnastics session at Strathmore Gymnastics Club. Similar events are held for families with children aged zero to five.

Another will take place on February 11 called “Speak with a full mouth” and on February 18 called “Out and about”.

Regarding book sales, the organizers received many book donations from the community this year.

Normally the sale takes place at the civic center, but this year Hope Community Covenant Church provided organizers with a room to collect and sort the books.

“The last (sale) we had was in January 2020, and because of the pandemic people were cleaning their houses and getting rid of books they had read or no longer wanted, so we had a huge avalanche of donated books and all over Strathmore. We had depots in the town of Strathmore, but also throughout the county, we collect books there as well,” Taylor said.

The sale took place on January 28and and 29and. “We were very busy on Friday and it was mainly with our senior community. Saturday was a bit slower so we were a bit worried if we were really going to make a lot of money, but people were so generous. Our prices were a dollar a book, all the children’s books were 50 cents and people would buy anything $5 with the books, set us back to 20 and say keep the change,” she said. .

“So, thanks to this enormous generosity, we managed to earn around $1,400. Overall it was very good”

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Angela C. Hale