The grizzled squirrel from Virudhunagar district is the mascot of its first book fair

“As squirrels sow the seeds of plants, the book fair will sow the seeds of knowledge,” says Virudhunagar Collector

Virudhunagar The grizzled squirrel of Srivilliputtur has been a major attraction for wildlife lovers. Now, this rodent will be an attraction for the first-ever Virudhunagar district book fair to be held from November 17.

Because, the administration of the district of Virudhunagar made it the official mascot of the exhibition of the book.

The administration imagined a shiny gold-colored squirrel sitting on a huge book and reading a smaller book with a pair of glasses would attract children.

Squirrels are the main seed dispersers. “They sow the seeds that grow into plants and trees. Here we use him as a mascot for the book fair which would sow the seeds of knowledge,” said Virudhunagar collector J. Meghanath Reddy.

Apart from choosing the small mammal, which is found in large numbers in the Western Ghats of Srivilliputtur, the administration named it “Viru”.

“We hope Viru will be a major attraction and attract more people, especially children, to the exhibition and make the first book exhibition a major success,” the collector said.

The exhibition would have more than 100 stands to be set up by booksellers and publishers.

The theme of the book fair is “Today’s Reader, Tomorrow’s Leader”. “We know that everything we read will be stored in a corner of the brain. A quote from the book or a hero from a play would always inspire people,” Mr Meghanath said.

The administration also planned to set up a huge model of the Vembakottai archaeological dig site.

“We are going to recreate one of the trenches at the Vembakottai excavation site. Also, a lot of artifacts found there would be on display,” he added.

In addition, a huge 1,000-seat pandal will rise where students and the public can sit for debates, cultural programs.

“We will have something for everyone so more people will come here,” Mr Meghanath said.

Angela C. Hale