The International Space University gives a lecture on the metaverse – VR/AR

International Space University has teamed up with Web3 company Metavisionaries to give a talk on location in the Metaverse.

Delivering a lecture titled ‘How the Human Body Functions in the Unique Environment of Space’, as part of the 34th edition of its Space Studies Program (SSP), attendees were guided through practical activities in Tecnico Superior Tecnico, Portugal, where the event took place.

Wearing VR headsets, conference attendees each had their own avatars where they could walk around the virtual conference room and watch 3D presentations, with live streamers joining online.

Space scientists Tara Ruttley, director of science for Metavisionaries and former associate chief scientist at NASA, and James Green, senior co-chair of the ISU and former chief scientist at NASA, led the event.

“This is a historic moment for ISU,” said Arif Goktug Karacalioglu, Director of SSP22, responsible for new professional development programs and digital education.

“UIS is known for its in-person programs like the Space Studies program, but we are now moving to virtual education at a very rapid pace. For the past two years, we have been designing fully interactive and fully virtual programs, but this is the first time that we have taken a new step.

Metavisionaries CEO Wasim Ahmed believes that Web3 and the metaverse are reinventing education, following the accelerated digital transformation of the education sector during the pandemic.

He said the partnership with UIS highlights the university as a leader in transforming preparedness for the future of work.

“I really want to thank Metavisionaries for allowing us to host this virtual event,” Karacalioglu said.

“Thank you Metavisionaries and CEO Wasim Ahmed, thank you very much on behalf of ISU for giving us this great opportunity and also providing us with all the virtual reality googles we use for this event.”

Metavisionaries and Ice Cubers are set to join Qatar University’s College of Business and Economics to launch a global corporate sustainability space challenge tied to the FIFA World Cup.

Angela C. Hale